5 Tips to Make Packing Suitcases Easier!

Your Gran Canaria Holiday is Just Around the Corner

…but you cannot really get too excited about it; at the moment you are actually more worried, as you know you will have to pack your suitcases soon? Then you should definitely read this article!

Time to go on vacation to Gran Canaria! Holiday time, undoubtedly the best time of the year! If it was not for packing, the holiday fun could start quite smoothly. But instead, this necessary evil darkens the bright blue holiday sky like a thick gray cloud. Packing a suitcase: Some of us start very early thinking about it and make meticulous lists. Others repeatedly postpone the annoying topic up to a few hours before departure. Both ways inevitably lead to the same result: STRESS! After all, you cannot avoid packing.

5 Tips to Make Packing Suitcases Easier!
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But Why is it, That Packing is Such a Big Problem?

A crucial fact is for sure that you want present yourself at your best on holiday; you basically want to set yourself into scene. In addition you are certainly worried to forget something important. On top of that, none of the loved ones wants to give up their usual comfort during the family holidays. To make things worse, the space in the suitcase is very limited on the one hand and, the suitcase simply gets too heavy on the other hand. This means you cannot take everything with you. This cocktail makes the suitcase packing an extremely delicate venture. To find perfect accessories for traveling, check out GearHungry.

5 Tips to Make Packing Suitcases Easier!
Photo by: pixaby.com

How to Pack a Suitcase Correctly

Even if you know from previous experience that you will end up packing way too much, the answer to the question of whether this or that item really has to go with you is always incredibly difficult. We’ve put together some useful tips that will make packing a lot easier for you:

Measure Action Effect
Determine the hotel service Internet research; Inquire at the hotel Reduce luggage; Completeness of the necessary
Capsule Wardrope Research the climate at destination country; Plan clothing combinations in advance. Reduce luggage; Matching dress codes to every occasion
Create a packing list List all necessary itmes; Completion of the list after the holiday Completeness of the necessary
View all items Spreading all items on the bed to view and determine if necessary Optimization of the luggage contents; Reduce luggage
Rolling instead of folding Roll up travelers’ garments; Fill gaps with socks and underwear Aviod creases; Reduce luggage

1. Determine the Hotel Service

First, find out about the dress code in your hotel and whether there are any celebrations during your travel period. Also, find out which service is offered at your holiday accommodation. For example you often receive towels, bath sheets, shampoos or soaps from the hotel for free and depending on the hotel irons, hair dryers and other equipment may be standard features in the rooms. So these things do not have to be taken with you. Some hotels may offer laundry service for a small fee, and small supermarkets can be found on the hotel grounds or in the surrounding area. This means that you do not have to pack so many clothes and some items like sun creams or shower gels can be bought on site. To find these things out, you can research about your hotel in the internet, check the hotel website, email or call the hotel directly, they will be happy to answer these questions.

2. Capsule Wardrope

This technique is mainly used by business travelers, who are usually traveling with hand luggage only, for practical reasons. The trick with Capsule Wardrope is to choose only a handful of garments that match well with each other and therefore combine to a variety of different outfits. Depending on the occasion, an outfit can be “pimped” through adding a few accessories. True to the motto “less is more”, this technique admittedly requires some combination talent, but the effort is well worth it! Inquire about the climate at the destination during your travel period, and then put together your Capsule Wardrope according to your country’s prevailing temperatures.

3. Create a Packing List

Making a packing list is well worth the effort, as it reduces the chance of forgetting something important significantly. However, even creating a packing list has its pitfalls. Unfortunately, there is no standard guide to creating a packing list, as each traveler has different needs. In general, one can say that criteria such as dress code, travel duration, weather conditions, services, activities and occasions are crucial. A packing list is particularly worthwhile if you keep it and note what you actually forgot and what you never used after returning from the holiday. This list will make packing suitcases for your next vacation immensely easier.

4. View All Items

Get out all the items of your packing list and spread them out in front of you before you stow them in your suitcase. The bed for example is perfect for this purpose. By doing this you will become aware of the entire amount of things you want to take with you. Once you have everything in front of you, you can already evaluate if it will all fit in the suitcase. Should it be too much, this method will also make it easier for you to decide what can be taken out.

5. Rolling Instead of Folding

The rolling method is on the rise, without a doubt, because it is not only space-saving, but the clothes don’t crease as much as with the traditional folding technique. Providing you are doing everything correctly, of course! The clothing should first be put together lengthwise and then rolled up. It is important that you roll them tight enough though. First, pack heavier items at the bottom of the suitcase, then put the rolled clothes on top, and fill in any gaps with socks, underwear, and odds and ends. Put shirts and the finer wardrobes finally on top. The shoes can be filled with socks and the belts can be pulled into the shirt collar. This doesn’t only save space but it also prevents shoes from deforming and shirt collars remain stiff.

Photo by: pixaby.com

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  1. The proper packing of the things will allow us to use the space in the suitcase optimally. We will also be able to take whatever is needed due to this.


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