Booking Excursions is a Matter of Trust!

Why Booking Excursions in Advance?

Not seldom, we experience that customers request information about excursions, but ultimately do not book. The reasons given are usually based on a lack of trust in an unknown company based abroad or due to the deceptive assumption that the excursions can be obtained cheaper through a direct booking on site. These assumptions are simply based on the lack of experience of the customers. Unfortunately in the end the customer suffers the consequences.

Booked up tours

Generally, but especially in the main season, the rule is the that best operators have the biggest request, which is why they are mostly booked up in advance. The chances of booking an excursion offered by a top-run operator on short notice “Last Minute” are extremely low.

CANCO Gran Canaria - Booking Excursions is a Matter of Trust!

Fraud on site

Direct bookings at your holiday destination with an alleged representative of the organizers have often turned out to be an absolute failure. Many a holiday guests have spent a considerable amount of money on tickets for activities that do not exist. From the supposed representative and the paid money, suddenly all the tracks were missing!

No savings

Last but not least, the customer also notes to their own disappointment that the tour prices of the operators and the agents are completely identical. This is because the operator pays the cost of mediation. Therefore, no savings possible!

So how do you know if you are dealing with a reputable agent?

1. Always look for plaque

In the case of the Canary Islands, all excursion sales agencies must register to the government. These mediation agencies receive a plaque. By holding this plaque, the company is obliged to adhere strictly to the guidelines issued by the island government for the performance of these activities.

Intermediador Turístico Gran Canaria

2. Secure booking

This includes, in particular, a very attractive and customer and cancellation policy that guarantees the customer the full reimbursement of their payments. The mediation agencies are obliged to keep a complaints book in which customers can register any complaints. In case of justified complaints, the agency finally loses the license to continue its activity.

3. Certified organizers

The statutory provisions also stipulate that only activities of operators who have demonstrated their competence by submitting the necessary licenses and insurance documents can be offered.
In addition to the strict adherence to the regulations at CANCO, we have also placed great emphasis on quality, safety and professionalism, in the selection of our collaborating operators. This means that our operators have top positions in the most famous travel portals and are also recommended by the most renowned tour operators. The excellent feedback from our clients confirms our choice!

The Top Gran Canaria Excursions

Our recommendation:

Book your excursions, in consideration of the above mentioned aspects, in advance! Because by booking in advance with a registered mediation agency, there is no risk at all: on the contrary, you secure seats with the best operators and at the same time you know that you have chosen a reputable operator.

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