Karneval auf Gran Canaria

Carnival in Gran Canaria 2020

The carnival season on Gran Canaria starts every year around February in the capital Las Palmas and it lasts for several weeks. In the period until March, the carnival in Gran Canaria makes its way from north to south through the various communities of the island. The highlights of the carnival are the parades in Las Palmas and Maspalomas. The Carnival of Gran Canaria is one of the most important…

Romerias 2020 – Festivals in Gran Canaria

A Traditional Festival “Romerias” are a tradition that is cultivated with lots of fun and enthusiasm! They actually are pilgrimages with a religious background in honor of the patrons or saints. In the fun-loving Canaries, however, “Romerias” have adopted a folk festival character. The ceremonies are usually opened in a traditional manner with a Catholic mass at the local church. Right afterwards the procession in honor of the patron saint…

Die richtige Sonnencreme für Gran Canaria

The Correct Sun Cream for your Holiday in Gran Canaria

>> Why sun cream? There are different types of sunscreen for the skin The sun protection factor and your skin type are crucial You should absolutely use sun cream How does the protection of a sun cream work? Will I get a tan despite sun cream? Sun cream is available in different price segments An overview of the most important criteria Perfectly equipped for your holiday

Kindersitze in Spanien - Infos und Tipps

Child Seats in Spain – Info and Tips

For parents, there is probably nothing better than spending a holiday together with the kids. And the kids love to travel when on holiday with the parents. And sometime later, both parents and children will love to remember their first holiday together, as it is particularly memorable. But before starting the holiday, parents are concerned about how travel to their holiday destination safely with their loved ones. Of course, this…

Canyoning Gran Canaria Abenteuer

Canyoning in Gran Canaria – Adventurous!

Canyoning in Gran Canaria – An Impressive Experience Gran Canaria has many different experiences to offer. Besides the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, you can also follow the call of adventure. But what does it look like? How about Canyoning? Source Photograph: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/abseiling/ Canyoning in Gran Canaria The mountains of Gran Canaria are very popular amongst nature lovers and hikers. There are impressive routes. However, it is by…

Gran Canaria vs. Mallorca - Zwei Inseln im Vergleich

Gran Canaria vs. Mallorca, Two islands in comparison

Apartment With Sea View people6 Persons monetization_onfrom € 102 / Night View Offer House With Ocean View people8 Persons monetization_onfrom € 263 / Night View Offer View Offer Distances Gran Canaria is part of the archipelago of the Canaries and is located about 4,000 kilometers from central Europe, in front of west coast of Africa. The distance between the island Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, and central Europe…