Canyoning in Gran Canaria – Adventurous!

Canyoning in Gran Canaria – An Impressive Experience

Gran Canaria has many different experiences to offer. Besides the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, you can also follow the call of adventure. But what does it look like? How about Canyoning?

Canyoning in Gran Canaria

The mountains of Gran Canaria are very popular amongst nature lovers and hikers. There are impressive routes. However, it is by far more exciting, to penetrate deeper. Have you ever stood at the edge of a canyon and looked down? This is where the adventure starts, because when Canyoning you will descend the gorge. This is extremely challenging. It takes courage and patience, but you will be rewarded. It is a breathtaking experience to go deeper and see the mountains of Gran Canaria from a different perspective.

For whom is Canyoning suitable?

It is helpful if you already have some experience in climbing.It is helpful if you already have some experience in climbing. The actual requirements depend on each particular tour. There are some sections where the wetlands and the cascades become real challenges. But due to the different difficulty levels you can also choose a tour that is suitable for beginners.
This is not really the typical family trip. However, if you are traveling with older children, canyoning can be an adventure for the whole family. Ask the organizer for the minimum age.

Note: Sometimes it is possible to combine rafting and canyoning. This is not necessarily the case on Gran Canaria. But if you want to try, if you enjoy it beforehand, then it is highly recommended to spent weekend on such excursion.

The equipment for Canyoning on Gran Canaria

You have booked a trip and do not know exactly what to take with you? Appropriate clothing certainly is the top priority. Keep in mind that you will travel long distances on rough ground. Choose closed shoes and wear long trousers as well as a long top. Both garments should be rather thin, because in Gran Canaria it may get warm at times in the mountains and you will make a high physically effort. Functional clothing is also helpful. The shoes should have a strong profile. This way, you can even stand firmly on the ground even though it may be rather slippery. Do not forget the sun protection. It is important that you already apply it before you start. And repeat on your break from canyoning. The sun on Gran Canaria is strong. And you skin may suffer a sunburn.

Tip: Most canyoning trips are also an opportunity for bathing. Therefore, take bathing cloth and a towel with you. It is impressive, how a small lake or a waterfall may appear and you can refresh in the cool water.

The preparation for Canyoning

Canyoning in Gran Canaria - An AdventureAre you thinking about going on a tour in Gran Canaria and trying to get a canyoning experience? Than you may want to gather some experience before you leave. For this, it is advisable to test the canyoning once. There are different possibilities for experiences in this sector in your home country. Just check where these experiences are at hand nearby.

Canyoning for beginners provides you with lots of information about this adventure. And you can test whether it is suitable for you. Because of the experience you gained, you will feel much more comfortable when canyoning on Gran Canaria and you may also opt for a route that is a bigger challenge.

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Embark on the adventure

Take a whole new path while canyoning. Get to know nature like you have never seen it before. You will also get to your own limits. Overcoming doubts is rewarded, as canyoning creates lasting experiences that you will talk about for a long time. Whether on Gran Canaria or in another beautiful place in the world – you can get started!

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