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Puerto Rico consists of one canyon, two small bays each with a sports port. So far, the place has been firmly in British hands, with Scandinavians increasingly discovering the place in recent years. Puerto Rico is located in the municipality of Mogan, which is known to have the best climate on Gran Canaria. And therefore it is less windy and somewhat drier in the winter months than elsewhere on Gran Canaria.

The location is also interesting for golfers, since the neighboring village Tauro offers a beautiful golf course. The beach is not very large, but you can reach the beaches of Amadores or Tauro and even the Playa del Cura by foot on the panoramic promenade. An excursion by ferry to the beach of the fishing village Arguineguin is also recommended. Generally, the sea in this part of the island is much quieter. The Puerto Rico Nightlife is concentrated in the various shopping centers.

things to do in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
View from the harbour Puerto Base to Puerto Rico

Excursions and Activities Puerto Rico

There are a lot of things to do in Puerto Rico. For tourists interested in Gran Canaria, who like to make excursions, the location of Puerto Rico is also excellently suitable as a holiday destination since the opening of the highway. Since then, the many places of interest in the north (like Teror), the inland (like San Bartolome) and especially the southwest (like Puerto de Mogán) are easily accessible from here.

Puerto Rico's activities and excursions are all about Water Sports. You can go JetSkiing, Diving, Snorkeling and Big Game Sports Fishing. Also most all Boat Trips such as the Day Trip on a Catamaran, the Sunset Tour on a Sailing Ship or the Boat Trip to see Dolphins and Whales start from the both harbours in Puerto Rico.

The Sports Harbors in Puerto Rico

things to do in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
The harbour Puerto Escala

Puerto Escala

Located on the right side of the beach and is the sports harbor. The exchange school is settled here and the boats for deep sea fishing. Here are some shops and restaurants and bars overlooking the harbour.

Puerto Base

You will find this on the left side of the beach. There are the excursion boats such as the catamaran and the sailboat. The most dolphin and whale trips are starting from there. And you can find some options with a view of the harbor something to eat or drink.

Beaches in Puerto Rico

Excursions and Sights in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
The beach of Puerto Rico

The Beach of Puerto Rico

A small sand beach, that offers all tourist amenities. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent. There also are some restaurants and cafes right at the beach and a small supermarket is nearby.

Excursions and Sights in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
The beach of Amadores

Playa de Amadores

The beach of lovers AMADORES is a white sand beach. From Puerto Rico you can reach it by a short walk over the panoramic promenade along the cliff. On the path along the beach you can sunbathe, have several opportunities to shop and have lunch.

Anfi Beach

Excursions and Sights in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
The beach of Anfi

The nearest beach on the opposite direction from Puerto Rico is the beach at Anfi del Mar the luxury resort. This is a very nice white sand beach, palm-lined with Caribbean flair. Around the beach, there are some fashionable brand boutiques and restaurants and coffees with a really great ambience.

Beach of Tauro

After Amadores beach you reach the beach of Tauro which has been completely redesignedonly recently it belongs to the luxury resort Anfi Golf. If you like to walk, you can easily reach the beach of the neighboring town of Playa del Cura from this beach. This is a natural beach of dark sand, as is typical for Gran Canaria.

Leisure Parks in Puerto Rico

Excursions and Sights in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
The Angry Birds Park

Angry Birds Park

The family park, named after the computer game of the same name, is an active park. It animates both small and big visitors to the rage. It is ideal for a trip with small children. The children have a lot of different activities. The park even organises birthday parties for your children. You can also get something to eat and drink there.

Miniature Golf

In the surroundings around Puerto Rico and also on the beach of Amadores you will find several minigolf courses which are partly very beautifully landscaped with green areas. A minigolf game within the family not only is great fun for the kids.

Golf Courses in Puerto Rico

Excursions and Sights in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch

Tauro Golf

Is an 18-hole championship golf course with innovative design in an idyllic setting. Everything is very varied in this well-prepared place: landscape, obstacles and greens. Rightly challenging and combined with the great view of the Atlantic you can enjoy every lap.

Nightlife in Puerto Rico

There are some nice restaurants and bars in the shopping centers in Puerto Rico and Amadores beach where you can comfortably end the evening. Later at nights the hustle and bustle begins at the shopping centers of Puerto Rico and the Europa Center. You can party every evening until early in the morning hours in the disco pubs. And around 3 o'clock in the morning the party moves over to the clubs.

The Shopping Centers in Puerto Rico

Excursions and Sights in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria
Shopping Center Puerto Rico

Europe Center

The Europe Center is located on the very top of Puerto Rico. From here you have a wonderful view of Puerto Rico and in the evening, the many lights turn into beautiful scenery. Again, there are shops, restaurants and quite popular bars.

Puerto Escala Area

During the day you can buy here vacation accessories in the small shops. If you want to enjoy your dinner or a drink with a view of the harbor, this is also the right place. In Puerto Escala there are a few restaurants and cocktail bars.

Shopping Center Puerto Rico

The colossal shopping center in the center of Puerto Rico is hard to miss. Except for a few exceptions, most shops tend to be more typically touristy. In the evening it becomes a popular pedestrian mile for walkers and people who come for dinner. The parties are celebrated on the upper floor at the Disco Pubs.

Shopping Centre Olas - Agua La Perra

Most Puerto Rico holidaymakers don’t even find this shopping center, because it is located in the rather inconspicuous neighbor bay Agua La Perra. It is neither particularly large nor does it offer many shops. However, here are some of the best restaurants you can find in the area: A very good Indian and an excellent Italian and of course also a Spanish restaurant.

Things to do in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Boots Excursions - Big Game Fishing Trips - Yacht Excursions - Dolphin and Whale watching

Katamaran Morgen - Catamaran Morning Tour Gran Canaria

    Catamaran Morning Cruise Gran Canaria

    Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 5 hours                                                                     Soak up the sun, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and just immerge. Switch off, leave everyday’s life behind and totally unwind. Listen to the sound of the waves while watching…

    from  63,00
    Whale and Dolphin Search - Wale und Delfine beobachten Gran Canaria

      Whale and Dolphin Search Gran Canaria 2,5 Hours

      Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Friday                          Duration: 2,5 hours                                                                     In the harbour of Puerto Rico you start the whale and dolphin search excursion. See one of the most amazing creatures of this planet. Watching them in their natural habitat…

      from  31,00

      Here you find
      the Boat Tours
      that we offer:

      Bus Excursions - Day trip to Tenerife - Visit to Loro-Park

      Bus Panorama tour Gran Canaria

        Bus Panorama Tour Gran Canaria

        Discover the true beauties of the island Gran Canaria, hidden in its very heart! The Bus Panorama Tour will first take you to Telde, which used to be the capital…

        from  33,00
        Ausflug Von Gran Canaria Zum Loro Park Auf Teneriffa - Day Trip From Gran Canaria To Loro Park On Tenerife

          Day Trip from Gran Canaria to Loro Park on Tenerife

          Season: All‑season                            Days: Saturday; from 08.07.19 Thursday                       Duration: 16 hours                                                                     According to Tripadvisor is the Loro Parque the best zoo in Europe and number two worldwide! With our day trip from Gran Canaria to Loro Park on Tenerife…

          from  85,00

          Here you find
          the Bus and Jeep Tours
          that we offer:

          Buggy Tours - Quad Tours

          Adventure Buggy Tour Gran Canaria

            Adventure Buggy Tour Gran Canaria

            On this buggy tour you will get insights into some of the most beautiful spots of Gran Canaria. Drive through the impressive landscape of the Fataga Natural Park by your…

            from  85,50
            2 Hours Quad Tour Gran Canaria

              Big 2 Hours Quad Tour Gran Canaria

              Explore Gran Canaria by quad. This ride combines the action-packed quad driving fun with the unique natural experience of Gran Canaria. The quad tour starts with the obligatory briefing about…

              from  89,00

              Here you find
              the Buggy and Quad Tours
              that we offer:

              Minibus Tours - Jeep Safaris - Cabrio-Jeep Excursions

              VIP Minibus Tour Gran Canaria

                VIP Minibus Island Tour Gran Canaria

                Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday                       Duration: 8 hours                                                                     This minibus takes you to where a conventional coach does not get. Many things are different on this minibus tour, simply VIP! You comfortably travel with only a few other…

                from  64,00
                Excursión en Jeep en Gran Canaria

                  Gran Canaria Jeep Tour

                  Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 7 hours                                                                     This is an action‑packed and funny way to discover Gran Canaria. Take a drive in the classic Jeep Tour Style, in rustic off-road vehicles, without any great comfort, through…

                  from  52,00
                  Cabrio Jeep Tour Gran Canaria

                    Cabrio Tour Gran Canaria

                    On this cabrio tour you’ll experience the absolute holiday feeling! Take a drive through the fascinating interior of Gran Canaria in a convertible. By travelling through the canarian mountains with…

                    from  100,00

                    Ride Excursions on Horses or Camels

                    Horseback Riding Gran Canaria 1 Hour

                      Horseback Riding Gran Canaria 1 Hour

                      Horseback Riding on Gran Canaria - the special holiday experience for horse lovers. Ride through vast volcanic landscapes of extraordinary beauty away from the roads and the hustle. The horseback…

                      from  39,00
                      Horse Riding - Pferde Reiten Gran Canaria

                        Horse Riding Gran Canaria 2 Hours

                        Horse riding in the nature - an overwhelming experience on Gran Canaria for adults and children. No matter whether you are an experienced rider or have never been on a…

                        from  55,00

                        JetSki Safari - Parasailing - Flyboard - Water Sport Combination

                        JetSki Tour Safari Gran Canaria

                          JetSki Tour Gran Canaria

                          Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 1 or 2 hours                                                                   Sightseeing of a completely different kind! The JetSki tour starts at the incredibly popular beach of the prestigious holiday resort Anfi del Mar. Across the white Caribbean sand beach…

                          from  110,00
                          Parasailing Gran Canaria

                            Parasailing Gran Canaria

                            Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: Appx. 10 minutes in the air                                                              Explore Gran Canaria from the bird's eye view. Parasailing gets you up in the air with a parachute and float over the turquoise blue sea, a motorboat will take you…

                            from  45,00

                            Here you find
                            the Water Sport Activities
                            that we offer:

                            Canyoning - Via Ferrata - Coasteering (Coasteering ONLY MAY TO OCTOBER!)

                            Canyoning Gran Canaria

                              Gran Canaria Canyoning

                              Season: All‑season                            Days: Wednesday and Friday                          Duration: 5 hours                                                                     Canyoning is definitely one of the most spectacular options we have to discover the impressive landscapes of Gran Canaria. It consists of descending a ravine or canyons following the…

                              from  50,00
                              Via Ferrata Gran Canaria Climbing

                                Gran Canaria Via Ferrata

                                Season: All‑season                            Days: Temporary not available                         Duration: 5 hours                                                                     Via Ferrata is basically a vertical hiking activity and a good way to get started in the world of climbing on Gran Canaria! The Via Ferrata is an itinerary prepared…

                                from  50,00
                                Coasteering Gran Canaria

                                  Gran Canaria Coasteering

                                  Season: May to October                          Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday                         Duration: 4 hours                                                                     Explore the steep coast of Gran Canaria in a unique adrenal driving way - Coasteering is possibly the funniest, most complete and original way. A tour through the marine cliffs…

                                  from  50,00

                                  Hiking Tours

                                  Hiking Falcon Valley Gran Canaria

                                    Hiking Falcon Valley Gran Canaria

                                    The name Falcon Valley does not sound really spectacular at first. But Gran Canaria experts already know that this is a very special spot in the remote north-east of the…

                                    from  55,00
                                    Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

                                      Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

                                      The tour starts in the "Lomo Aserrador" from there you're hiking straight up to Roque Nublo, the impressive landmark of the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. The Cloud Rock rises…

                                      from  55,00

                                      Here you find
                                      the Guided Hiking Tours
                                      that we offer:

                                      Mountain Bike and E Bike Tours

                                      E-Bike Tour Gran Canaria Ayagaures

                                        E-Bike Excursion Gran Canaria Ayagaures

                                        Season: All‑season                            Days: Tuesday and Friday                          Duration: 4 hours                                                                     As you know, the route is the goal. When it comes to an e-bike excursion you could hardly say it any better, because they support you with strenuous sections, so that you…

                                        from  59,00
                                        Grand Canyon Mountain Bike Tour Gran Canaria

                                          Grand Canyon Mountain Bike Tour Gran Canaria

                                          Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday                              Duration: 5 hours                                                                     The still wild and unspoilt inland is only a few wheel turns away from the tourist bustle. This Grand Canyon mountain bike tour begins shortly after Maspalomas and leads you…

                                          from  59,00

                                          Here you find
                                          the Cycling Tours
                                          that we offer:

                                          Snorkeling - Introduction Dive - Dive Excursions

                                          Snorkeling Trips Gran Canaria

                                            Snorkeling Trips Gran Canaria

                                            Let yourself get captivated by the unique impressions of another world. Snorkeling trips are suitable for everyone. It is a very simple and safe way to explore the underwater world…

                                            from  45,00
                                            Introductory Dive Gran Canaria

                                              Introductory Dive Gran Canaria

                                              Have you always been fascinated by the underwater world? With our introductory dive offer you have the opportunity during your Gran Canaria holiday to get a feeling for what diving…

                                              from  45,00
                                              Dives Gran Canaria

                                                Dives Gran Canaria

                                                These are great dives for experienced diver with diving license. The underwater world of Gran Canaria has already conquered numerous divers’ hearts. Please consider that to participate; one of your…

                                                from  47,00

                                                Dive Courses: Scuba Diver - PADI Open Water Diver - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

                                                Gran Canaria Scuba Diving Kurs Course

                                                  Scuba Diving Course Gran Canaria

                                                  The Scuba Diving Course is for beginners, it does not require any diving experience. You are on Gran Canaria now and can learn to dive. This certification will enable you…

                                                  from  215,00
                                                  Gran Canaria PADI Open Water Diver Kurs Course

                                                    PADI Open Water Diver Course Gran Canaria

                                                    The PADI Open Water Diver Course does not require any diving experience. Just make this diving licence during your Gran Canaria holiday. This world-renowned brevet will allow you to dive…

                                                    from  360,00
                                                    Gran Canaria PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Kurs Course

                                                      PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course Gran Canaria

                                                      Use the opportunity during your Gran Canaria Holiday for another diving specialization. Experienced divers know, of course, the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is for advanced learner, builds on…

                                                      from  275,00



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