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Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria - Beach Nightlife Trips

The small cozy fishing village used to be an insider tip for many years as and is considered the most beautiful town in the south of the holiday island. Due to the construction of various large hotel complexes, it is now increasingly used touristically. The hospitable, authentic canarian community, of old-established fishermen, of this picturesque village is very welcoming towards its guests.

Activities and Excursions in Puerto de Mogán

The yellow submarine in Puerto de Mogan is certainly the most extraordinary excursion attraction in the marina. However, there are also numerous yachts that offer tours in a small scale and even private charter opportunities in the sports harbor. Whether it is motorized or as a sailboat version. On the beach there is a great range of water sports for lovers of the sea and adrenaline junkies.

Attractions & Sightseeing in Puerto de Mogán

Little Venice

Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria
Bougainvillea-covered Arches

The small colorful houses in the harbor area have always given Puerto de Mogan its special charm and earned it the nickname "Little Venice". The picturesque streets are lined with colorful flowerbeds; you stroll through bougainvillea-covered arches and take small bridge to cross the canals. This environment offers countless great photo opportunities. Many small, cozy coffee-shops invite you to linger and enjoy.

Archaeological Site

Cañada de los Gatos - an ancient Canarian settlement is very well preserved and can be visited. The indigenous people of Gran Canaria "Guanches”, were settled here before the Spanish conquest. The age of the finds is dated to 1300 years. The facility is open from 10:00 - 17: 00h. The entrance fee is 4€.

A little further up in the same street of the "Cañada de los Gatos" you will also find the well-preserved remains of the outer wall of a Guanche dwelling in the front yard of a residential building. The site is clearly visible from the outside through a grid and you will receive some interesting information about the find on various information boards.

The Church

Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria
The Small Village Church

The small village church "Ermita de San Fernando", built in 1935, joins in an alley in the second row from the beach in the midst of the lively activity around the beach walk. It is barely recognizable from the outside in an inconspicuous building on the corner of "Paseo de los Pescadores ". It is great example for a typical Canarian village church. The church can be visited on Sundays during met.

Old Town - Fishing Village

This is the authentic Puerto de Mogen. This part of the village is still quite Canarian except for a few smaller pensions. There is a lot to discover in the winding little streets of the old town, which meander up the mountain. In this part you can experience the everyday life of the resident fishing families up close.

The Statue of Elías Hernández García

The bronze figure of an older gentleman, is sitting on one of the benches in the Plaza Doctor Pedro Betancor Leon, called "La Plazita" by the locals. His arm is leaning on his walking stick and his eyes are empty. It is the memory of a real person of the small harbor village, a former fruit and sugar cane seller.

The Shrine of St. Rita

The helper in lost causes was the patron saint of the family of Rafael Neville, the designer of the marina "Little Venice". He brought a small statue of the saint with him when he realized the harbor project in Puerto de Mogan. The shrine can be found on the small square in front of the "THe Hotel Puerto de Mogan".

Art Sculptures

You can admire a total of 5 different stone sculptures by Canarian artists on a walk along the Avendida de los Marreros between the beach and the valley. The sculptures were made as part of a competition for the 200th anniversary of the community.

The Viewpoint

Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria
View From the Vantage Point to the Old Town

The viewpoint "Mirador" in the old town center is well signposted. The viewing platform can be reached via countless, steep steps through the narrow streets of the quaint old town. The strenuous ascent is rewarded with a beautiful view of the pretty village, the beach and its harbor. The climb is worthwhile during the day and also in the evening, when the colorful village lights are reflected in the harbor basin.

The Caves

Experienced swimmers and adventurous people can explore countless caves in the steep cliffs in a westerly direction. Equipped with snorkel and mask, you can watch the many colorful fish and octopuses in the rocky outcrops.

The Beach of Puerto de Mogán

Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria
The Beach of Puerto de Mogán

A comparatively small beach with magnificent surrounding. In the background there is the imposing mountain scenery, which extends into the interior and in the front there is the lovely view of the picturesque harbor area. The sand is golden and the water is always calm. Great for swimming with kids.


Just in time for the sunset you meet the rocks at the end of the village, next to the fishing port. From this bay you have a spectacular view of the colorful Canary sunsets. The sun really offers impressive natural spectacles as it seems to sink into the ocean. In the distance you can see a few boats and the seagulls gliding away in the evening sun.

Fresh Fish

Fish lovers should not miss a meal of freshly caught Atlantic fish. In the harbor restaurant of the fishing cooperative "Cofradia" this is prepared in a typical Canary way: You will also get the small Canarian potatoes with the spicy garlic sauce "Mojo" and some “Alioili”.

The Ports of Puerto de Mogán


Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

The chic sports harbor is located in the so-called "Little Venice". The idyllic ambiance invites you to linger. Surrounded by a promenade with numerous cafes and restaurants, you can admire sleek yachts from all over the world. The classy harbor atmosphere is enjoyed best with a lunch or a coffee.

Fishing Port

Further afield, at the very end of the harbor area, there is the fishing port. Here you will find authentic Canarian fishing boats and, with some luck, witness the fishermen bringing their catch to the harbor. This is the area of old-established fishermen this is where they meet; tell sailors stories and do business.

Eating and Shopping in Puerto de Mogán

Beach Promenade

Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria
The Beach Promenade

The beach promenade invites to stroll and linger. Although this mile, same as the beach, is a bit smaller, it boosts a varied offer. Among the numerous restaurants serving international cuisine, you will find the trendy brand boutiques such as the Fundgrube or Mint, as well as a superb small Italian ice cream shop.


A big colorful market runs through the whole village every Friday. Hundreds of stalls offer local specialties such as fruits, vegetables, honey or aloe products as well as accessories and clothing.

A small contemplative market takes place on Mondays at the square above the underground car park. Mainly handcrafted goods offered here, which is not about Canary craftsmanship, but much more handmade jewelries.

Shopping Mall

The modern building at the entrance to of the village is an eye catcher. It is located a bit further down the valley and has some great shops in the first floor. Here you will find cloths, jewelry and cosmetics. In the upper area there are some restaurants, bars and cafes. There is also a large supermarket in the basement.


The nightlife of Puerto de Mogán takes place in a small alley of the "Paseo de los Pescadores" in the second row of beach. This part of the village is called "BRONX" in the local jargon. You can mingle with the local people in a couple of small bars; have a few drinks and party with the "Moganeros" until around 02:00 in the morning.

Things to do in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

Dolphin & Market Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

    5,0 h Dolphin Watching & Market Puerto de Mogán

    Season: All‑season                            Days: Friday                              Duration: 5 hours                                                                     Two highlights combined in a unique boat tour: dolphin and whale watching and a visit to the weekly market in the picturesque Puerto de Mogán. After all, Gran Canaria…

    from  43,00
    Sailing Trip Puerto de Mogan 3 hours

      3,0 h Sailing Trip Puerto de Mogan

      Season: April to September                          Days: Daily                              Duration: 3 hours                                                                     Hoist the sails or even helm the boat. Even if you pick the rare day with very little wind and not get the full sailing experience, this sailing trip will…

      from  59,00
      Guided visit to Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

        Guided Visit to Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

        Season: All‑season                            Days: Tuesday to Saturday                          Duration: 2 hours                                                                     Puerto de Mogán is one of the most beautiful spots of Gran Canaria. It is only little but has a lot to offer. However, very few visitors get to know…

        from  25,00
        Sailing Trip Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

          4,0 h Sailing Trip Puerto de Mogan

          Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday                     Duration: 4 hours                                                                     A sailing trip on Gran Canaria - intimate and personal with only 9 passengers maximum! The exceptionally friendly crew will welcome you warmly on board of this beautifully kept sailing…

          from  79,00
          U Boot Tour - Submarine Tour Gran Canaria

            40 min. Yellow Submarine Adventure Tour Gran Canaria

            Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 40 minutes                                                                     A Submarine Tour on Gran Canaria - an exciting expedition with a real yellow submarine into the lively underwater world off the coast of Puerto de Mogan. The large portholes…

            from  30,00
            Bottom Fishing Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

              Bottom Fishing Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

              Season: October to February                          Days: Temporary not available                         Duration: 5 hours                                                                     From October to end of February, this crew offers Bottom Fishing, because at this time the marlin and tuna are not to be found around Gran Canaria. In this time…

              from  70,00
              Trolling Big Game Fishing Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

                Big Game Fishing Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria

                Season: March to September                          Days: Temporary not available                         Duration: 5 hours                                                                     In the months of March to September is the time on Gran Canaria for trolling, also called Big Game Fishing. Hunt for the hidden and let yourself be completely absorbed in…

                from  60,00

                More Excursions for Tourists in Puerto de Mogán

                Boots Excursions - Big Game Fishing Trips - Yacht Excursions - Dolphin and Whale watching

                Whale and Dolphin Search - Wale und Delfine beobachten Gran Canaria

                  2 h Whale and Dolphin Search Gran Canaria

                  Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 2 hours                                                                     In the harbour of Puerto Rico you start the whale and dolphin search excursion. See one of the most amazing creatures of this planet. Watching them in their natural habitat…

                  from  31,50
                  Katamaran Morgen - Catamaran Morning Tour Gran Canaria

                    4,5 h Catamaran Morning Cruise Gran Canaria

                    Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 4,5 hours                                                                     Have a fantastic time on this catamaran voted the best boat tour in Gran Canaria. An enthusiastic crew with a great spirit that is simply contagious. You can’t help but…

                    from  69,00

                    Here you find
                    the Boat Tours
                    that we offer:

                    Bus Excursions - Day trip to Tenerife - Visit to Loro-Park

                    Bus Panorama tour Gran Canaria

                      Bus Panorama Tour Gran Canaria

                      Season: All‑season                            Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday                         Duration: 8 to 9 hours                                                                   Discover the true beauties of the island Gran Canaria, hidden in its very heart! The Bus Panorama Tour will first take you to Telde, which used to be the…

                      from  39,00
                      Ausflug Von Gran Canaria Zum Loro Park Auf Teneriffa - Day Trip From Gran Canaria To Loro Park On Tenerife

                        Day Trip from Gran Canaria to Loro Park on Tenerife

                        Season: All‑season                            Days: Thursday                             Duration: 16 hours                                                                     According to Tripadvisor is the Loro Parque the best zoo in Europe and number two worldwide! With our day trip from Gran Canaria to Loro Park on Tenerife…

                        from  85,00

                        Here you find
                        the Bus and Jeep Tours
                        that we offer:

                        Buggy Tours - Quad Tours

                        Adventure Buggy Tour Gran Canaria

                          Adventure Buggy Tour Gran Canaria

                          Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday                         Duration: 2 hours                                                                     On this buggy tour you will get insights into some of the most beautiful spots of Gran Canaria. Drive through the impressive landscape of the Fataga Natural Park by your…

                          from  92,00
                          Super 2,5 Hours Quad Tour Gran Canaria

                            Super 2 Hours Quad Tour Gran Canaria

                            Season: All‑season                            Days: Temporary not available                         Duration: 2 hours                                                                     Quad driving fun outdoors - the wild backland of Gran Canaria is exactly the terrain where this agile powerhouse feels most comfortable. It is the Eldorado for Quad enthusiasts,…

                            from  85,50

                            Here you find
                            the Buggy and Quad Tours
                            that we offer:

                            Minibus Tours - Jeep Safaris - Cabrio-Jeep Excursions

                            VIP Minibus Tour Gran Canaria

                              VIP Minibus Island Tour Gran Canaria

                              Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Friday                          Duration: 8 hours                                                                     On this minibus tour through the inland of Gran Canaria you will be picked up directly at your hotel. The vehicles in which you make the excursion offer every…

                              from  59,00
                              Excursión en Jeep en Gran Canaria

                                Gran Canaria Jeep Tour

                                Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 7 hours                                                                     A Jeep Tour is‑an action-packed way to discover Gran Canaria. Take a drive, in rustic off-road vehicles through the picturesque inland in the classic Safari Style. There is not…

                                from  59,00
                                VW Beetle Cabrio Tour Gran Canaria

                                  VW Beetle Cabrio Tour Gran Canaria

                                  Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday                        Duration: 5 hours                                                                     The VW Beetle Cabrio Tour provides that absolute holiday feeling! Discover the real Gran Canaria and enjoy pure driving fun in this iconic four-seater in the Canarian mountains.…

                                  from  120,00

                                  Ride Excursions on Horses or Camels

                                  Horse Riding - Pferde Reiten Gran Canaria

                                    Horse Riding Gran Canaria 2 Hours

                                    Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 2 hours                                                                     Horse riding in the nature - an overwhelming experience on Gran Canaria for adults and children. No matter whether you are an experienced rider or have never been on a…

                                    from  55,00
                                    Horseback Riding Gran Canaria 1 Hour

                                      Horseback Riding Gran Canaria 1 Hour

                                      Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 1 hour                                                                     Horseback Riding on Gran Canaria - the special holiday experience for horse lovers. Ride through vast volcanic landscapes of extraordinary beauty away from the roads and the hustle. The…

                                      from  39,00

                                      JetSki Safari - Parasailing - Flyboard - Water Sport Combination

                                      JetSki Tour Safari Gran Canaria

                                        JetSki Tour Gran Canaria 1 hour

                                        Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: 1 hour                                                                     Sightseeing in Gran Canaria of a completely different kind! The JetSki Safari starts on the popular beach of the holiday resort Anfi del Mar. Across the white Caribbean sand…

                                        from  135,00
                                        Parasailing Gran Canaria

                                          Parasailing Gran Canaria

                                          Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily                              Duration: Appx. 10 minutes in the air                                                              Explore Gran Canaria from the bird's eye view. Parasailing gets you up in the air with a parachute and float over the turquoise blue sea, a motorboat will take you…

                                          from  50,00

                                          Here you find
                                          the Water Sport Activities
                                          that we offer:

                                          Canyoning - Via Ferrata - Coasteering (Coasteering ONLY MAY TO OCTOBER!)

                                          Via Ferrata Gran Canaria Climbing

                                            Gran Canaria Via Ferrata

                                            Season: All‑season                            Days: Temporary not available                         Duration: 5 hours                                                                     Via Ferrata is basically a vertical hiking activity and a good way to get started in the world of climbing on Gran Canaria! The Via Ferrata is an itinerary prepared…

                                            from  50,00
                                            Canyoning Gran Canaria

                                              Gran Canaria Canyoning

                                              Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday                         Duration: 5 hours                                                                     Canyoning is definitely one of the most spectacular options we have to discover the impressive landscapes of Gran Canaria. It consists of descending a ravine or canyons following the…

                                              from  50,00
                                              Coasteering Gran Canaria

                                                Gran Canaria Coasteering

                                                Season: May to October                          Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday                         Duration: 4 hours                                                                     Explore the steep coast of Gran Canaria in a unique adrenal driving way - Coasteering is possibly the funniest, most complete and original way. A tour through the marine cliffs…

                                                from  50,00

                                                Hiking Tours

                                                Hiking Falcon Valley Gran Canaria

                                                  Hiking Falcon Valley Gran Canaria

                                                  Season: All‑season except Aug., Sep.                      Days: Wednesday and Saturday                         Duration: 8 hours                                                                     The name Falcon Valley does not sound really spectacular at first. But Gran Canaria experts already know that this is a very special spot in the remote north-east of…

                                                  from  60,00
                                                  Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

                                                    Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

                                                    Season: All‑season except Aug., Sep.                      Days: Tuesday                              Duration: 8 hours                                                                     The tour starts in the "Lomo Aserrador" from there you're hiking straight up to Roque Nublo, the impressive landmark of the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. The Cloud Rock rises…

                                                    from  60,00

                                                    Here you find
                                                    the Guided Hiking Tours
                                                    that we offer:

                                                    Mountain Bike and E Bike Tours

                                                    E-Bike Tour Gran Canaria Ayagaures

                                                      E-Bike Excursion Gran Canaria Ayagaures

                                                      Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday and Thursday                          Duration: 4 hours                                                                     As you know, the route is the goal. When it comes to an e-bike excursion you could hardly say it any better, because they support you with strenuous sections, so that you…

                                                      from  59,00
                                                      Grand Canyon Mountain Bike Tour Gran Canaria

                                                        Grand Canyon Mountain Bike Tour Gran Canaria

                                                        Season: All‑season                            Days: Monday                             Duration: 5 hours                                                                     The still wild and unspoilt inland is only a few wheel turns away from the tourist bustle. This Grand Canyon mountain bike tour begins shortly after Maspalomas and leads you…

                                                        from  59,00

                                                        Here you find
                                                        the Cycling Tours
                                                        that we offer:

                                                        Snorkeling - Introduction Dive - Dive Excursions

                                                        Introductory Dive Gran Canaria

                                                          Introductory Dive Gran Canaria

                                                          Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Sunday                          Duration: 1 or 2 hours                                                                   Have you always been fascinated by the underwater world? With our introductory dive offer you have the opportunity during your Gran Canaria holiday to get a feeling for what…

                                                          from  70,00
                                                          Dives Gran Canaria

                                                            Dives Gran Canaria

                                                            Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Saturday                          Duration: 2 to 3 hours                                                                   These are great dives for experienced diver with diving license. The underwater world of Gran Canaria has already conquered numerous divers’ hearts. Please consider that to participate; one of your…

                                                            from  40,00
                                                            Snorkeling Trips Gran Canaria

                                                              Snorkeling Trips Gran Canaria

                                                              Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Saturday                          Duration: 1,5 hours                                                                     Let yourself get captivated by the unique impressions of another world. Snorkeling trips are suitable for everyone. It is a very simple and safe way to explore the underwater…

                                                              from  55,00

                                                              Dive Courses: Scuba Diver - PADI Open Water Diver - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

                                                              Gran Canaria Scuba Diving Kurs Course

                                                                Scuba Diving Course Gran Canaria

                                                                Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Saturday                          Duration: 2 days                                                                     The Scuba Diving Course is for beginners, it does not require any diving experience. You are on Gran Canaria now and can learn to dive. This certification will enable…

                                                                from  260,00
                                                                Gran Canaria PADI Open Water Diver Kurs Course

                                                                  PADI Open Water Diver Course Gran Canaria

                                                                  Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Saturday                          Duration: 3 to 4 days                                                                   The PADI Open Water Diver Course does not require any diving experience. Just make this diving licence during your Gran Canaria holiday. This world-renowned brevet will allow you to dive…

                                                                  from  390,00
                                                                  Gran Canaria PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Kurs Course

                                                                    PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course Gran Canaria

                                                                    Season: All‑season                            Days: Daily except Saturday                          Duration: 2 to 3 days                                                                   Use the opportunity during your Gran Canaria Holiday for another diving specialization. Experienced divers know, of course, the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is for advanced learner, builds…

                                                                    from  310,00



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