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Gran Canaria Fishing on the Atlantic

Fishing Gran Canaria
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Deep sea fishing Gran Canaria awakens the ambitious minds because you can confidently say: This will be the catch of my life! Whether you yourself want to live this unique experience or just want to be part of this great event. A fishing trip on Gran Canaria undoubtedly combines the pleasure of an excursion on the sea with action and adventure. Gran Canaria fishing is suitable for everyone. Whether you are an absolutely inexperienced beginner or a seasoned angler and even children are guaranteed to get their money's worth.

Trolling or Big Game Fishing Gran Canaria

Fishing Gran Canaria
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If you spend your holidays in the time between the beginning of May to the end of September somewhere in Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico or elsewhere on Gran Canaria, you will have the chance to go hunting in the deep-sea fishing for the big predators. Because during this time of the year, the marlin, of which the most famous is - the Blue Marlin – that can bring up to 600 kilograms, tuna, bonitos and bream cross the waters around the canary islands. This is the season for trolling, also known as Big Game Fishing.

From the moment you step onto the fully equipped boat, you'll be impressed by the towering outrigger. These make it possible to tow bait attached to several rods at the same time behind the boat without getting tangled up. And off you go. The experienced crew will introduce you to the thrilling adventure, as you cruise, by giving you plenty of important information. Equipped with sonar, the search for the giants of the sea is made easier. The bait dives about half a meter below the sea surface while the captain accelerates the boat.

Fishing Gran Canaria
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And then... you are lucky! You see a Blue Marlin hitting a bait with its mighty sword. Now it gets hectic. One of the rolls howls and its line winds at high speed. He snapped. This is when the fight begins. You are being strapped into the so-called fighting chair, which is anchored to the ground of the boat, and the fishing rod is inserted into the rod holder so that you can put your full power on the role and focus on the upcoming confrontation. The fish now realizes that he has been caught. He will put his full effort and strengths to take his only chance and try to escape, and dive away into the depth of the ocean. You let him just a bit, to then hold on again, pick up some string. He fights bitterly. But you already know how the Blue Marlin reacts. And so you give string and then take string again. You just let him continue his fight. He gradually gets more tired. You can feel how the strength starts leaving him. After about an hour you will finally drag out the totally exhausted marlin to the side of the boat. From here the crew takes over. You are also at the very limit of your forces, but happy and content.

Fishing Gran Canaria
Photo by calrei

Bottom Fishing Gran Canaria

From October to April instead it is a bit quieter in the Atlantic. Marlin and Co. have moved on. This is now time for bottom fishing on Gran Canaria, which means fishing on the ground of the sea. This type of fish is decelerated, but the hunt not less exciting. The skipper heads for one of the spots where he suspects most fish. After anchoring, the hinges are ejected. They are now targeting skates, small sharks and conger (sea eels). The likelihood of getting one of these impressive sea creatures out of the water is very high at this time of the year.

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