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Finally the time has come. You have just arrived at your hotel in Maspalomas and are getting off the chic Gran Canaria Bus. You promised your family that this was going to be a great holiday. Just relax and unwind while doing nothing.

But staying only in the hotel it is not enough. The good thing is that getting to know Gran Canaria is also possible without having to do great efforts. A Gran Canaria Bus tour is just the right thing. So, let's go! Especially, as Gran Canaria offers a vast variety of excursions by bus.

Gran Canaria Bus Tours

Traveling by Bus on Gran Canaria

You will be picked up by a modern coach. You get in and the comfortable seats invite you to sit down immediately. You and your family are sitting in a row. Your children are already excited. The English-speaking tour guide welcomes you and explains the upcoming program. And off you go! The sun shines bright through the window and you notice how the air conditioning of the bus keeps the temperature inside at a comfortable level. After a few more people have boarded in Playa del Ingles, the driver drives the bus inland.

Gran Canaria Bus Tours
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The road now gets very winding. The driver safely steers the huge overland bus through the serpentines. As a precaution you have provided travel tablets. You never know. The scenery outside changes radically. The big houses and heigh hotel buildings are replaced by breathtakingly deep gorges, high cliffs and panoramic views of the center of the island. In the distance you can see a ocean of almost 1000 palm trees in the valley and behind it Fataga, one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Gran Canaria. One highlight is chasing the other. At the end of the day, you and your family will be filled with fantastic impressions that you will even talk about later back home.

Gran Canaria Bus Tours

Gran Canaria Mini Bus Tour

Still completely impressed by the last Gran Canaria bus excursion, your expectations of today are very high. This time it goes across the island with a fleet of white mini busses. With this kind of mini busses, you can reach places and sites in Gran Canaria that you can’t access with the most big travel coaches. At first, it goes fast over the highway in direction Puerto de Mogan. On your left you can catch a glimpse of Arguineguin and Puerto Rico. After the end of the highway, you are quickly in the southwestern mountain country of Gran Canaria. The road first leads through the deeply cut gorge of the village of Mogan. Left and right, the mountains rise up to 500 meters. You will see old Canarian huts, which are left deserted on wide fincas between mango and orange trees.

Gran Canaria Bus Tours

At "Los Azulejos" you will see the thick green, red, yellow and white layers in the mountains that look like they have sprung from a painting. The fleet now drives along some of the narrowest roads on the island. They are almost like the Grand Canyon. The track continues past caves villages and through dense pine forests. Finally you will reach the highest point of the island. The Pico de las Nieves on 1,950 meters heights and you have a fantastic panoramic view from the east, south to west of the island. On the west side you will see the Roque Nublo, the striking landmark of Gran Canaria and on the horizon you can see the neighboring island of Tenerife. In the south, you will discover the dunes of Maspalomas. Once back in the hotel, you will look at all the amazing pictures you have taken today with your family and will just think what a great day!

Gran Canaria Bus Tours

Bus Transfer Gran Canaria Airport

Your tour operator does not provide airport bus service? Or you have organized your Gran Canaria trip yourself and still need a transfer from Gran Canaria airport to Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Taurito or Puerto de Mogan? We can help you. Just contact us and we will make you a favorable offer on how to get to your accommodation comfortably after your flight.

Our Bus Excursions in Gran Canaria

Private Travel Guide Service Gran Canaria

    Private Travel Guide Service Gran Canaria

    An absolutely individual way of sightseeing! Create your own tour. The private travel guide service offers you the ultimate flexibility when getting to know Gran Canaria. You can determine your…

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    Ausflug Von Gran Canaria Nach Teneriffa - Excursion From Gran Canaria To Tenerife

      Excursion from Gran Canaria to Tenerife

      Why don’t you do some island hopping with an excursion from Gran Canaria to Tenerife? Although the 7 Canary Islands are very close to each, they really couldn’t be more…

      from  52,00
      Bus Tour Las Palmas Gran Canaria

        Bus Tour Las Palmas Gran Canaria

        You will see in just one bus tour Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a botanical garden and a volcano crater! This excursion includes something to suite really everyone! Begin your…

        from  25,00
        Market Markt Teror & San Mateo Gran Canaria

          Market Teror & San Mateo Gran Canaria

          Get to know the authentic Gran Canaria! Culture and traditions are still being cultivated, in the small mountain villages San Mateo and Teror, whether it is agriculture, architecture, crafts or…

          from  23,00
          De markt van Puerto de Mogán op Gran Canaria

            Market Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

            The market Puerto de Mogan is one of the most famous weekly market in Gran Canaria. This lovely fishing village is definitely worth a visit! Puerto de Mogan is not…

            from  12,00
            Bus Panorama tour Gran Canaria

              Bus Panorama Tour Gran Canaria

              Discover the true beauties of the island Gran Canaria, hidden in its very heart! The Bus Panorama Tour will first take you to Telde, which used to be the capital…

              from  33,00
              Bus Inselrundfahrt - Around the Island - Gran Canaria

                Bus Tour Around The Island Gran Canaria

                Around the island in one day! Get around Gran Canaria and let it amaze you with its singular diversity. This bus tour will first take you along the coast to…

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                Our Mini Bus Tours in Gran Canaria

                VIP Minibus Tour Gran Canaria

                  VIP Minibus Island Tour Gran Canaria

                  This minibus takes you to where a conventional coach does not get. Many things are different on this minibus tour, simply VIP! You comfortably travel with only a few other…

                  from  63,00

                  Bus Excursions Starting in Las Palmas

                  Bus Tour Gran Canaria Highlights

                    Bus Tour Gran Canaria Highlights

                    This Bus Tour from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is packed with some truly amazing highlights. See the basilica of Gran Canaria patron the “Virgen del Pino” and the well…

                    from  39,00
                    Bus Tour Schätze Treasures Gran Canaria

                      Bus Tour Treasures of Gran Canaria

                      History, Beauty and Nature: Visit three of the most popular sights of Gran Canaria. Emerge in the history of the island on your visit to the cave-houses of the ancient…

                      from  42,00
                      The Gran Canaria Summits Bus Tour

                        Bus Tour The Gran Canaria Summits

                        The majestic power of the mountains, a special fascination. This tour is all about the captivating mountain world of Gran Canaria. Conquer the highest of all the summits of this…

                        from  42,00
                        Bus Tour The Wonderful Gran Canaria

                          Bus Tour The Wonderful Gran Canaria

                          From the highest point of the island to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain - this wonderful tour has it all! Cross the miniature continent Gran Canaria from…

                          from  45,00

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                                You will enter into the into the uniquely shaped mountain world of Gran Canaria sculpted by past volcanic eruption. Drive through spectacular canyons of the impressive mountain panoramas to the emblematic spots and viewpoints whose breathtaking views you won’t forget.

                                Get to know the real, authentic Gran Canaria away from the busy tourist centers, its sleepy mountain villages and the unspoilt nature.


                                The operator does not offer any souvenirs; however on some of the tours you have free time and can do some shopping.


                                All participants will be brought back to the spots where they have been picked up in the morning. This service is included in the price for Playa del Inglés and on most tours for Mogán.

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