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Gran Canaria offers its visitors a unique landscape and nature. What could be better than getting to know Gran Canaria while riding? Whether it is on horseback or on a camel, both are available here. Depending on your preference, just try what you enjoy most.

Camel riding perfectly fits in the backdrop of Gran Canaria. It goes through dusty slopes and palm tree groves. You know both from the classics of film history shot in Africa. You will feel similar to this when riding a camel on Gran Canaria.
And also as a horse lover you will be totally satisfied. There are several riding stables offering professional riding excursions in Gran Canaria. In El Salobre, which is not far from Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas you will have the opportunity to ride horses.

Riding Excursions Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Riding

You have decided to ride a horse for the first time while you are on holiday. Your little daughter is totally excited about it and wants to join you of course. During your research on the Internet, you learned that riding on the beach in Gran Canaria is now strictly prohibited. But it does not really matter to you. For horseback riding you will be picked up from your hotel in Playa del Ingles and taken to the riding stable in El Salobre. Once there, you will be received the stable dog and the typical horse smell. The anticipation increases and your daughter can hardly bear to run into the stable and greet the horses. The boss of the stud warmly welcomes you and the others. After a few introductory words he asks the participants about their riding experiences. You and your daughter have never ridden a horse before. But this is no problem at all as the professional guide will instruct you in detail and show you how it all works.

On the Back of the Horses...

Gran Canaria Riding
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Your daughter and you will be given two particularly calm horses. The experienced rider will get he more spirited ones. First, it goes to the paddock. You will be helped to climb in the saddle. And there you sit, on horseback pretty high up and you feel how a little tingling crawls into your stomach. Is it fear? Not at all, it's joy. You feel great sitting on the horse and your guide, gives you all necessary information and a sense of security at the same time. After a few practice rounds in the paddock, it is now time to leave the riding stable at a calm pace.

This area of Gran Canaria is a bit sparse, with cacti and dry bushes lining the way just like you know it from the Wild West movies. And the gorges and mountains surrounding you are impressive. Your daughter cheers happily. You enjoy the calm and the comfortable movement of your horse. That's exactly how you pictured riding in Gran Canaria. The more experienced riders are now allowed to gallop away. But that's not for you yet. Maybe next time. Back at the stable, your daughter won’t stop smiling. You visit the stables and are glad that the animal employees are well kept in their spacious boxes.

Camel Ride Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Riding

They are being called desert ships. With the single-humped camels, also referred to as dromedaries, make today a small trip into the valley of the 1000 palm trees or through the dunes of Maspalomas. A camel ride on Gran Canaria is simply a must for people who like the extraordinary. Three of you can sit on these amazingly strong and especially tall animals. Getting on the camel is a little adventure. The camel will sit on the ground. The riders, who will take place on left and right side of the Camel, all have to take a seat at the same time; otherwise the complete sitting frame just slips off the camel. But the camel leaders show you how to do it correctly.

You will get strapped and then the camel already gets up. This process will slightly raise your adrenaline again. First, the camel rises with its rear part. The whole construction seems to tip forward. But the straps a strong and now the animal is also standing on its front legs. And there you go. The desert ship cruises slowly through the surroundings. You are tapping to the left and you are teetering to the right. Everything now seems to be in slow motion. This deceleration is good for you and you simply enjoy this beautiful moment.

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            Further information about Gran Canaria Riding

            Pick Up

            On the day of your excursion you will be picked up by the organizer at your hotel or at a central meeting point nearby. From there you will be driven to the starting point of the booked excursion. This service is included in the price.

            Only on the camel tour on the dunes of Maspalomas you travel to the venue by yourself.


            After your arrival, you will first pay the outstanding balance to the organizer. If necessary, you will then receive your equipment.

            In a detailed briefing you will be told how the tour goes, what you have to consider. For the inexperienced horse rider there will be separate introduction and a few practice rounds in the paddock.

            After the animals have been assigned to their riders, you get on your camel, or horse and start the tour. Depending on your level of horse riding experience, you will be able to ride with faster gaits such as trapping or galloping.

            After the ride, you will return to the camel station or stud farm.


            After the horse riding tour you have the opportunity to buy a Photo CD of your adventure for 10 €.


            The riders will be taken back to their hotel or pick-up point (except the participants of the camel tour on the dunes). In this regard, please pay attention to the corresponding information (eg departure time) of the organizer.

            As usual we have strongly focused on quality, safety and professionalism with these offers. Our service provider occupies places high ranks on the most famous travel evaluation portals and is recommended by the most renowned tour operators. The excellent feedback from our participants always confirms us in our choice!

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