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Useful Information About City Walks in Gran Canaria

Everything That you Should Know About Tours With a City Guide in Gran Canaria

Since there is tourism, there are also city guides. The profession originated in the 17th century. The city guide is traditionally a local or resident of the locality. Its mission has always been to guide the visitors of his country and inform them about their destination. The city guides on Gran Canaria are now state-certified tourist guides with detailed knowledge about the holiday island. They speak several foreign languages.

Sightseeing tours are adopted at the specific needs of the respective visitor groups in general. City tours on Gran Canaria are mainly aimed at tourists. On a tour through cities such as Las Palmas or Teror you will learn many interesting facts about the history, the present as well as the culture of the inhabitants of your holiday country. You will visit the most emblematic sites of the city. In addition, you also get many useful insider tips that will enrich your holiday.

The Benefits of a Guided City Tour

Guided City Tours Gran Canaria
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If you take a guided city tour, you will not have to search long for the individual sights, but will be taken there by your guide. In the meantime, as a participant you will also receive lots of great information about your holiday destination that you will not necessarily find in any of the common printed travel guides. Any questions will be answered directly and you will get great suggestions for further day planning. In the group, you also quickly get into conversation with the other participants and thus easily make contacts with like-minded people.

In Gran Canaria, city tours in the classic sense are mostly offered in the larger cities such as Las Palmas and Teror. But also in Maspalomas there are some occasional possibilities to explore the place on a guided tour by Segway or on a bicycle. The largest selection of sightseeing tours is in the island capital Las Palmas though.

The Evolution of the City Tours - Emergence of New Forms

Guided City Tours Gran Canaria
New Forms of City Tours in Gran Canaria

City tours are no longer dull information events. The tours have changed a lot especially in recent years, above all, they have been modernized. In addition to the classic city walks there are some new more entertaining alternative tours such as dynamic Segway tours or fun interactive city adventures that are informal but no less informative. Today's information is no longer limited to data and facts from the history of the country, but also includes stories from everyday life and the Canarian topicality.

Guided city tours still are a great way to quickly and easily get the most possible information about you holiday destination. On Gran Canaria, there surely is a suitable city tour for every clientele. Which type of city tour is best for you, depends on your individual interests and preferences. Above all, the most important is that you enjoy your travelling time. Because in addition to new impressions and interesting information most importantly lasting memories should arise for you.

The Different Types of City Tours on Gran Canaria

This is an indispensable overview of the various offers of guided tours on Gran Canaria:

Hop On Hop Off Buses in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Hop On Hop Off Buses in Las Palmas

A fancy and above all flexible way to get to know a big city like Las Palmas is the Hop On Hop Off Bus. It approaches the most important and beautiful sights of the city on a fixed route and stops there, as at a public bus-stop. You can get off at any point and explore the area on your own. A fixed timetable will tell you when the next Hop On Hop Off Bus passes by. And you can just get back on it. You can do that at any stop, or you can just stay on the bus from start to finish like on a regular city bus tour. While on tour you will receive interesting information about the city Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and its sights in several languages.

Interactive Adventure Tours Gran Canaria

These guided tours are great for teenager or people young at heart and are certainly fantastic as a communal experience for families with children. These city tours combine the virtual world of information technology with interesting content about the country, its people and history. The tour is held in a very fun, informal and relaxed setting. These interactive adventure tours can be booked in Gran Canaria for Teror and Las Palmas.

Segway Tours

Guided City Tours Gran Canaria
Segway Tours in Las Palmas

These are casual and dynamic city tours, in which the Segway driving fun plays a significantrole. In addition, the participants have the advantage to get ahead a bit faster than by foot and conseuqntly get to see more. On Gran Canaria can currently be explored by Segway in Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and Las Palmas.

Culinary City Tours

A great tour for all those who love cooking or who simply like to combine the useful with the pleasant. Among other things, this tour will tell you what the culinary specialties of Gran Canaria are and give you the opportunity to try one or the other. So far on Gran Canaria culinary city tours are offered in the island's capital Las Palmas. However, there is also the possibility to book a wine tasting at the Bandama Crater.

Classical Guided City Walks

The participants, will visit the most important sights on their tour, see important buildings and receive information, facts and figures on historically decisive events on classic routes. Guided city walks in Gran Canaria are offered mainly in Las Palmas.

Bus Tours

These tours last a longer than conventional guided city tours and have the advantage of high mobility. With city tours by coach combined with guided city walks participants can easily cover longer distances and therefore get to know much more of the area. The guided tours are very varied. The city tours by bus of Gran Canaria take you to places such as the beautiful Arucas, the picturesque Fatage or lovely Teror.

Gran Canaria City Tours - Our Offer

Private Travel Guide Service Gran Canaria

    Private Travel Guide Service Gran Canaria

    An absolutely individual way of sightseeing! Create your own tour. The private travel guide service offers you the ultimate flexibility when getting to know Gran Canaria. You can determine your…

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    Segway Tours in Las Palmas

    60 Minutes Segway City Tour Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

      Las Palmas Segway City Tour 1 Hour

      Experience the vibrant island capital on this city safari. Float silently to the various highlights. Find out about its history and customs on this fun ride and get a few…

      from  45,00
      120 Minutes Segway City Tour Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

        Las Palmas Segway City Tour 2 Hours

        A fancy sightseeing tour through a special city. The vehicle is stylish and it will amaze you and so will the island capital. Float effortlessly and silently to emblematic locations…

        from  65,00
        Segway & Tapas Tour Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

          Las Palmas Tapas & Segway Tour

          It’s typical for Gran Canaria to share some tasty tapas, small portions of delicious local dishes. Where to get the best is what you will find out on this fun…

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