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If you would like to go on a trip to Gran Canaria and want to spare the tedious work of studying different walking maps, you can go on guided hiking tours. In this way walking on Gran Canaria is made easy - discover the most beautiful hiking trails on the island without worrying to get lost.

Hiking in Gran Canaria is a very special experience; because of the structure of the island you can find a variety of different climatic zones, diverse landscapes and different vegetation on a diameter of only fifty kilometers. Hiking guides know the extensive network of hiking trails on Gran Canaria very well; know in what condition they currently are and where to explore the island by foot safely.

Gran Canaria Mountains and Landscapes

You can hardly define characteristic features for the landscape of Gran Canaria. The island unites countless types of landscapes that couldn’t be more diverse on a very small territory: Fertile valleys, desert like dune landscapes, barren lunar landscapes, rugged cliffs, canyons like the Grand Canyon, lush pine forests, the remains of a primeval forest and even snow-capped summits in the winter. Gran Canaria is not being considered a miniature continent for no reason. On guided hiking tours you simply follow your hiking guide and can fully relaxed enjoy this unique environment.

Guided Hiking Tours in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Climates

The climate in Gran Canaria differs massively from the other canary islands. This is due to the mountain formations in the interior of the island. The various climate zones originate in the fact that the rain clouds brought from the North East Passat winds across the Atlantic Ocean are being caught on the mountain tops in the center of the island. Therefore it mostly rains only in the northern half, while the south is dry and hardly cloudy.

Gran Canaria Vegetation

In Gran Canaria you will find the typical subtropical and tropical plants as well as the plants growing in the continental climate. Some plants are special, as they developed in an unusual way, due of the prevailing conditions on the island. In addition, there are unique endemic plants, which grow exclusively on Gran Canaria or the Canary Islands. Due to these special features, 43% of the island's surface area is considered a nature reserve. During the guided hiking tour you will receive a lot of interesting information about the vegetation of Gran Canaria by your hiking guide.

The North of Gran Canaria

Despite the higher precipitation, the north is still very sun-drenched. This is why there are mild temperatures all year round in Las Palmas, Teror and Firgas. Nature flourishes here: palm groves, pine forests and the laurel forest, the remaining part of a primeval forest. There are also the best conditions for agriculture. In addition to tomato, potato and orange plantations, tropical fruits such as mango, papaya or avocado can also be found.

The East of Gran Canaria

Reservoirs, plateau with green meadows, gentle slopes as well as innumerable evergreen deep gorges that lead down to the coast, characterize the landscape in this part of Gran Canaria. Due to the prevailing wind conditions, the coast is very popular amongst wind surfers.

Guided Hiking Tours in Gran Canaria

The Center of Gran Canaria

In the center of the island there are mysterious and undeveloped mountain landscape paired with lush vegetation. Pine forests in the midst of bizarre rocky landscapes, shot through by rugged rock formations, this makes hiking in the inland of Gran Canaria a particularly impressive event. Here is Gran Canaria's highest mountain, the Pico de las Nieves, which means ”Snow summit” in English. Monoliths formed by erosion, such as the Roque Nublo or the Roque Bentaiga, tower proudly up into the sky.

The South of Gran Canaria

There is always beautiful and pleasantly warm weather. This practically means a sun guarantee for the popular holiday destinations Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. However, the south presents itself as a barren and rocky landscape. Accordingly, plants that can be found in deserts, such as many species of cacti grow here. In this part of the island the coast the beaches are of most interest. Most of the organizers of guided hiking tours in Gran Canaria offer hotel transfers. You will be brought to the starting point of the popular walking routes by bus.

The West of Gran Canaria

Taking the GC500 from Puerto Rico driving along Puerto de Mogan direction Agaete you get to know the rough west of Gran Canaria. Along the steep coasts you will find rocks of over 500 meters heights. In the depths the ever-wild ocean breaks its waves on the cliffs. The beauty of this more solitary environment is definitively its untamed wilderness. It’s charm is the solitude and tranquility of the area.

Hiking Tours - All-Season

Hiking in the Azuaje Valley - Wandern in der Azuaje Schlucht Gran Canaria

    Hiking Azuaje Valley Gran Canaria

    Hike through one of the rare green oases of Gran Canaria. This peaceful little jewel called Azuaje Valley near Las Palmas leads water all year round, and nature thanks it with lush, jungle-like vegetation. See the green side of this…

    from  33,00

    Hiking Tours - Summer Season (May to October)

    Hiking in the Falcon Valley Gran Canaria

      Hiking Falcon Valley Gran Canaria – Summer Diary

      Our tour starts in the remote north east of Gran Canaria. This volcanically themed location has specific minerals found in the lava which support rare forms of vegetation. A small stream flows down the valley all year and in the…

      from  55,00
      Hiking in the laurel forest on Gran Canaria - Los Tilos de Moya

        Hiking Laurel Forest Gran Canaria – Summer Diary

        You are hiking in the laurel forest. This is the last existing laurel forest of Gran Canaria in the nature reserve "Los Tilos de Moya". The last remnant of a subtropical jungle that once covered much of the north of…

        from  55,00
        Wandern Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

          Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria – Summer Route

          The tour starts in the "Lomo Aserrador" from there you're hiking straight up to Roque Nublo, the impressive landmark of the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. The Cloud Rock rises up impressive 68 meters and stands on a 1,750 meters…

          from  55,00

          Hiking Tours - Winter Season (November to April)

          Hiking in the Falcon Valley Gran Canaria

            Hiking Falcon Valley Gran Canaria – Winter Diary

            The name Falcon Valley does not sound really spectacular at first. But Gran Canaria experts already know that this is a very special spot in the remote north-east of the island, as a small stream is flowing down this valley…

            from  55,00
            Hiking in the laurel forest on Gran Canaria - Los Tilos de Moya

              Hiking Laurel Forest Gran Canaria – Winter Diary

              A hiking tour through the laurel forest of Gran Canaria is a real pleasure especially in winter, when there is enough water. The north of Gran Canaria was largely covered by this subtropical jungle in past centuries. Today the laurel…

              from  55,00
              Wandern Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

                Hiking Roque Nublo Gran Canaria – Winter Route

                You're hiking up to Roque Nublo, the imposing landmark of Gran Canaria. You start on the west side of the Cloud Rock and you're hiking along an old royal path through freshly scented pine forests. The most varied herbs and…

                from  55,00

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