The risk of bad holiday planning

CANCO Gran Canaria - The risk of bad holiday planning

No Russian Roulette

Organizing excursions for a holiday in a new country is a bit like a “Russian Roulette” you must be really lucky to find really great activities and at the same time having chosen a professional and reliable operator.

We have been in your shoes and know the problematic very well.

If you try to arrange everything beforehand you have to make a lot of time consuming research for numerous hours gathering reviews about the provider and still you can’t avoid bad surprises ending up in shabby, old and dirty places and totally unorganized operators.

Not choosing correctly will ruin that day or even your whole holiday experience.

If you wait until you are on site your holiday rep will try to sell you only the activity they have on offer and whatever gives them the most commission. They try to sell you what you can’t afford and press you into excursion times and dates that they need to book up.

Your interests are hardly taken into account!

And on top of it the best excursions are mostly booked up during high season.

CANCO Gran Canaria assists you in planning your holiday

Now this is exactly the problematic that CANCO wanted to resolve.

The CANCO Web-site has been designed to give you an overview of the Gran Canaria Sights and an excellent and diverse selection of quality activities offered on the island in order to make your holiday planning and organization much easier and at the same time ensure you have chosen professional and reliable operators.


On our sightseeing section you will find a map that gives you an overview of some of the most remarkable spots on Gran Canaria and where they are located. Below you will find brief information about the places and what they offer, for you to evaluate if that particular spot is of your interest.


The Category part will show you the different activities on offer in that specific section. For you choose what kind of context is the most appealing to you. The activities ordered by traveler group instead are suggestions, of what we think is recommendable.

Finally you choose how you want to spend your time and how you schedule your activities; you have full control of your budget and no unexpected expenses. And you can rely on having picked serious and professional operators that offer quality equipment, obey all law given standards and have all necessary insurances.

Have a great holiday!

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