What Does Incoming Tourism Actually Mean?

Incoming Tourismus, also called destination services is becoming increasingly important. If you are looking for something in the travel and tourism section on the internet, you will come across this term more and more. In the article below you can find out the meaning of Incoming Tourism and whether this service is interesting for you.

Definition Incoming

Incoming Tourism Gran Canaria
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If a tourist service is booked directly with a provider who is based in the destination country, this is called Incoming. These tourist services can include among others accommodation, excursions and even gastronomic offers. At the same time the service is also provided by a local company directly on site. And the subsequent or simultaneous consumption by the customer also takes place in the destination country.

The offer of incoming service provider is aimed equally at domestic and foreign visitors. In abstract terms, Incoming can also be described as a tourist business relationship between locals and non-residents. It does not matter if the service was ordered from the country of origin of the client, or directly in the destination country.

Legal Aspect of Incoming Tourism

If the traveler books a package holiday, accommodation or flight with a tour operator or office in his or her home country, the laws of the country of residence apply. Decisive for this is the seat of the enterprise he or she booked with. If the traveler books services directly in the destination country at a resident destination agency, this business transaction is subject to the legal conditions of the destination country. These have mostly been aligned within the member states of the European Union.

Destination Agency or Incoming Center

Incoming Tourism Gran Canaria
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Major tour operators maintain branches in their destination countries that act as incoming centers. These essentially only serve as sales point for excursions, to ensure that the tour operators can also participate in the onsite business with their own customers.

Local providers offering Incoming services in the destination country are not just limited to excursion sales. They focus in particular on the creation and compilation of individual service packages for their customers. Their customers are private individuals, companies or associations that need services for several people in smaller or larger groups.

Incoming Services for Private Individuals

A destination services provider, such as for example CANCO Gran Canaria, offers tailor-made services. To help to organize events that can take place on different occasions. Whether it is a bachelorette party or a trip among a group of friend a wedding or a romantic trip for two, the client defines his ideas and the incoming agency creates different programs, schedules and quantifies the costs.

Incoming Tourism Gran Canaria
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Incoming Services for Companies and Associations

Companies need destination services to incentivize outstanding employees performance and for team building purposes. By these means the responsible expect an increase in the motivation of their employees or a strengthening of the team spirit. The time together helps to get to know each other better and tight bonds. Outdoor activities such as canyoning enhance the trust between each other. Or buggy driving simply increases the fun experience and creates the feeling of sharing a great collective memory.

For clubs, it is a good idea too to celebrate a successful season. In order to spend time together and the agencies can also help to appreciate the outstanding achievements of individuals.

CANCO, Your Destination Agency for Gran Canaria, Spain

Incoming Tourism Gran Canaria
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Over the years CANCO Gran Canaria has built an extensive network of service providers of all kinds on the island. Therefore, CANCO can put together a special service package tailored to your needs for basically every possible occasion and group size. Through years of experience, CANCO instantly knows what to take into account and to ask the right questions first to understand exactly what your concern is. This avoids unnecessary misunderstandings and time loss.

CANCO will then take over the negotiations with the various providers for you, so that you can choose the best and most cost-effective solution for you among the different offers. Furthermore, CANCO researches and respects the local legal framework and advises you in detail. This identifies and eliminates potential problems. CANCO creates timetables for your daily routines and activities. And finally, CANCO will provide an attractive and cost-optimized offer. You benefit from our knowledge, our experience and language skills. CANCO Gran Canaria is your local contact.

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