Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Island Capital With Many Faces

The island capital of Gran Canaria is the largest city of the Canaries. Las Palmas offers its visitors many sights, museums, numerous shopping and a great coast which is a balanced combination of culture, sightseeing, shopping, sun and beach.

The Old Town of Las Palmas - Flair of the Past

Vegueta, the Oldest District

Very nice old town with many nice and well-kept buildings, narrow streets, cheap restaurants and bars as well as many sights.

The five-aisle Santa Ana Cathedral, built in 1497, is the seat of the bishop of the Canary Islands. A visit to the church tower of the cathedral is recommended, as you can enjoy a very nice view over the entire city from there.

Excursions and Sights in the Island Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Cathedral Santa Ana

The Casa de Colón, home to the Columbus Museum (see museums) and the old town hall, a neo-classical building dating back to 1853, are located in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral.

In the market halls you will not find any tourist attractions but rather an authentic local market with genuine Canarian specialties.

For shopping you can reach from Vegueta to the Triana district through a short walk.

The Triana District - Shopping Area

The pedestrian zone is characterized by the beautiful listed burgher houses from different eras, which nowadays accommodate a variety of different shops. Here you’ll find something for every budget: from elegant boutiques to the big fashion stores of well-known international brands. This district was scenery for the shooting of a Brat Pitt movie in 2016.

The Museums - Interesting Information About Canarian Art and Culture of the Past & Present

Excursions and Sights in the Island Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Casa Colon - House of Columbus

Casa Colon - Historical Museum

For a small entrance fee you will find a nice and informative museum. In the Casa de Colón you can reconstruct the journeys of Columbus and the settlement of America is displayed historically. It is a worthwhile exhibition. There are numerous expositions about his expeditions as well as collections of the carriage, sailor cards, models of ships and many paintings.

Museo Canario - Archaeological Museum

It is a small museum in one of the old town palaces of Las Palmas. The daily life of indigenous peoples, up to the time of the conquest by the Spanish approximately 500 years ago, is reported here on the basis of well-sorted relics. Archaeological (shards, vessels, bones, stones and figures) and anthropological (mummies, skeletons) exhibits on the history of the Guanches are being presented on the two floors. In addition to the exhibits, visitors can also find interesting information about the Guanches (society, religion, culture, agriculture, handicraft, etc.).

Museo Elder - Science Museum

In the Museo Elder the visitor gets an insight into the technical history and development. Much of it is displayed multimedia-based with 3D cinema screenings. Since you can try a lot interactively, this museum is ideal for children and teenagers. In this way, the topic of science and technology is introduced to them in a playful way. The entrance ticket is valid all day, which allows you a lunch break in between your visit.

The City Parks - Small Oases Amidst the Lively City Invite you to Linger

Excursions and Sights in the Island Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Parque San Telmo

Parque Santa Catalina

This park is located very centrally, between the harbor and the beach. With very beautifully designed flower beds, it is ideal for relaxation. Bus stops, tourist information and two great cafes are nearby. In the south-east corner of the park, numerous flags are displayed as mosaic on stone pedestals.

Parque San Telmo

The Parque de San Telmo is located at the end of the pedestrian zone Triana and offers its guests shady places in a nice atmosphere under large laurel trees. Here you will find the "Kiosko Modernista", an oriental art nouveau pavilion with café and the small fishing village Ermita de San Telmo that is worth a visit.

Parque Doramas

The Park is really small. There are many beautiful large palm trees, a pond with fish and many different plants: A beautiful and very well-kept area, a place of relaxation and quiet - with many seating possibilities.

Las Palmas - Nature and Vegetation

Excursions and Sights in the Island Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The City Beach Las Canteras

The City Beach - Las Canteras

A very well-kept, fine sanded, kilometer long city beach. A reef tames the harsh Atlantic for the bathers. The beach promenade is lined with restaurants, cafés, shops, some smaller sales stands and also musicians and invites you to long walks.

Jardin Canario

A beautifully designed botanical garden at Tafira Alta with extensive grounds. It hosts innumerable endemic plant species such as cacti, greens, palm trees and dragon trees. The area is very well kept but natural and can therefore be a bit impassable at times. Admission is free!

Caldera de Bandama

A volcanic crater in the middle of a settlement area, with hotel and golf course on the edge and a small finca on the crater floor. The views of the sea and the mountains of Gran Canaria are breathtaking, and you have an unrestricted view of the capital Las Palmas.

Las Palmas - Harbour and Fisheries

Excursions and Sights in the Island Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Puerto de la Luz - Harbour of the Light

From the old town of Vegueta you can reach the port of Puerto de la Luz along the palm-lined coastline, along the sea. The San Cristobál fish farm, built directly on the sea, is in the opposite direction.

Puerto de la Luz

The largest port in Spain is several square kilometers. It includes the terminals for the ferries to the neighboring Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland. As a logistics center, this port is controlled by large container ships. In addition, the chic, partly gigantic luxury liners are laid out at the cruise line. There is a shopping center next to the port called "El Muelle".

San Cristóbal

The "Barrio de San Cristobal" is located directly on the sea. It is a somewhat dilapidated original fishing village with colorfully painted old houses. The sea is quite wild there even on nice days. There are a few cheap fish restaurants, where the fish is served freshly caught so to speak. However, communication takes place exclusively in Spanish.

A Las Palmas visit will certainly not be boring, quite the contrary, the offer rather busts the setting of a day’s excursion! Get to know the emblematic places and the most beautiful places on our excursions.

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