40 min. Submarine Adventure Tour Gran Canaria

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Languages: EN GE SP
Tour start: from 10:00 h
Duration: 40 min.
Starting point: Puerto de Mogán
Hotel transfer: Yes, for South

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Pay a 20% deposit per person


Submarine Adventure Tour Gran Canaria

A Submarine Tour on Gran Canaria – an exciting expedition with a real yellow submarine into the lively underwater world off the coast of Puerto de Mogan. The large portholes offer excellent views to all its passengers. And on the monitors you can see the shots of the outboard cameras of the submarine. The captain gives his Nemos on board interesting information about the reached depth and water temperature. The wet environment outside reflects the sunlight in blue-green colors and gives the underwater landscape something mysterious. You float past silver sparkling shoals of fish like Trumpet fish, moray eels and many other fish species native to the area. You are in another world. If you look closely you will see sea urchins on the rocks, starfish on the seabed and the rays hiding in the sand. Finally, the submarine will also reach the ships sunken in front of Gran Canaria. Which secretes are hidden behind these wrecks? Why don’t you find out!
By the way: This submarine is powered by electricity and is therefore environmentally friendly.

The Payment Process

Per Adult: € 31,50
Per Child (2 – 12 years): € 18,00

  • When booking, you ONLY pay a deposit and the balance on the day of the excursion to the guide.
  • Babies join for free but they must be indicated as they occupy a space
  • You can cancel up to 24 h before the tour start, with a full refund of the deposit.
The Transfer Service
  • Free return transfer from:
    Bahía Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Sonnenland, Meloneras, Pasito Blanco, Salobre Golf, Patalavaca, Arguineguín, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Playa del Cura, Taurito, Puerto de Mogán
  • There is no transfer service for other locations.
  • The excursion may take place several times a day depending on the demand: fromm 10:00 h to 17:00 h. Your tour time depends on the booking situation.
  • Your pickup time will be indicated on the reservation confirmation.
  • You will receive your reservation confirmation within max. 24 hours.
  • Reservations for the next day are being confirmed sooner.

Arrive by yourself (no transfer):

  • You will receive the address of the starting point with the reservation confirmation.
The Services


  • Hoteltransfer
  • Taxes & insurances

Not Inclusive

  • Food and drinks


  • No complementary offers


  • Max. no. of participants: 44 people
  • The specified itinerary may vary due to weather conditions or other circumstances.
  • The sighting probability is extremely high, but can NEVER be guaranteed.
Please note!


  • Mobility to take the access ladder alone
  • Minimum age participant: 2 years


  • Tablets for nausea: If you don’t know if you get sea sick.
  • Always book in advance, especially during school holidays, as demand is particularly high then.

Do not forget

  • Water and snacks
  • Closed shoes
  • Comfortable sportswear
  • Travel tablets
  • Jackets from October to April

71 reviews for 40 min. Submarine Adventure Tour Gran Canaria

  1. 4 out of 5


    If you’ve never been in a submarine or you don’t know how to dive, it’s quite an experience. Definitely something for the kids! Fish, old wrecks, artificial coral reef can be seen.

  2. 5 out of 5


    A really great experience! Submerged about 24ft under the sea into a created reef environment. Great to see all the variety of fish in their natural habitat.
    Really enjoyed it!!

  3. 3 out of 5


    The submarine is modern and nice recorded explanations are available in many languages. Tour to the underwater park and ship wrecks is different than expected. The sea bed looks dead and deserted nothing like a coral reef. The manmade underwater park that was supposed to attract sea life does not seem to work out. Saw quite some fish, this must have been an underwater paradise at some time…. unfortunately, now it is another proof how human impact ruins nature

  4. 5 out of 5


    Two adults and four children aged from 9 months to 9 years went on this trip, all enjoyed themselves. Staff very helpful in ensuring everyone got in and out down steep ladder.

  5. 3 out of 5


    We’d done one of these in Lanzarote where we’d seen loads of fish bit we didn’t see much of a variety this time. It had been a bit stormy which might have affected the clarity of the see. There was just a taped commentary would have been nicer to have been told which fish we were seeing.

  6. 5 out of 5


    What an amazing experience well worth doing great value for money staff were very helpful.

  7. 4 out of 5


    What a great way to spend an hour at sea the submarine boat is very smart and clean good customer service then off you go the sea is so clear and so many fish follow you as you drive great air conditioning great view a real must

  8. 4 out of 5


    We saw plenty of different fish Bit pricey but good fun

  9. 5 out of 5


    Never done this sort of thing before. We both enjoyed the trip, it seemed to be well organised and a chance to get close up the the sea life. We were lucky the sub was only half full on our trip, so plenty of room to move around.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Both excursions we took are awesome!
    I liked the CANCO service very much, well organized. I would rate 5 out of 5 for your services

  11. 5 out of 5


    In case you travel there by yourself on Fridays (Market Day) you should plan 45min more because of the parking stituation and the walk to the pier.

  12. 5 out of 5


    A great experience. All employees are professional and efficient. And the children even received a certificate!

  13. 5 out of 5


    It was a really interesting experience that I would recommend.

  14. 4 out of 5


    We saw a lot of fish and a group of divers during the dive. It was a great tour.

  15. 5 out of 5


    The submarine is nice, air conditioned and the seats are comfortable. There is much to see, including shipwrecks and an artificial reef. And the boat is followed by a school of fish.

  16. 4 out of 5


    Really great tour. Enough space for everyone.

  17. 5 out of 5


    Everything was great and I repeat with pleasure 🙂 5 out of 5 points!

  18. 5 out of 5


    The tour is really well thought out, you can see a lot of fish and other things .. (don’t want to spoil the surprise though).

  19. 5 out of 5


    Suitable for adults and children. You can see many fish and wrecks on the seabed. Fantastic.

  20. 4 out of 5


    The submarine is clean, air conditioned and has large windows. There are many species of fish to see, but not much flora on the seabed, it is a volcanic island.

  21. 5 out of 5


    I never thought I could say I was in a submarine. The view is really good and you will see many different fish as well as wrecks and ancient ruins.

  22. 4 out of 5


    First time doing a submarine and really enjoyed it. Saw lots of different fish. Staff were friendly. The stairs to the submarine might not be suitable for people with walking difficulties. We went as a couple and enjoyed it but I can imagine kids really enjoying the experience.

  23. 5 out of 5


    A unique experience aboard a real submarine, exciting to see the submarine submerged from the monitor The price is not cheap but justifiable. The staff are really excellent, they dedicate children special attention that makes this adventure even more exciting.

  24. 5 out of 5


    The tour with the “Yellow Submarine” was really cool. An experience that is not forgotten so fast. We saw a lot of different fish and two sunken ships!

  25. 5 out of 5


    We had been on this trip many years ago so thought we should try it again, and we were not disappointed. A little pricey we thought but it was such a nice experience, well-organised and not cramped.

  26. 4 out of 5


    A great experience for those like myself that want to see what it’s like under the sea surface but dont want to dive. The submarine was very spacious and comfortable, not at all claustrophobic like I thought it may be. Some interesting marine life to see and the ship wreck was interesting.

  27. 5 out of 5


    I can highly recommend that trip. There were much to see. Plenty of fish and some ship. Air pressure is same so you don’t have to take care of ears. It took about 40 minutes from start to end.

  28. 4 out of 5


    This was an interesting trip which allowed young and old to experience the sea life without the need to get wet. The viewing through the portholes was perfect; however the commentary was difficult to hear. Overall a worthwhile trip.

  29. 5 out of 5


    Booking the trip by submarine on the internet was very easy. The price includes the transfer from the hotel by bus to Puerto de Mogan and back, a soft drink and a highly competent tour guide. It was a lot of fun.

  30. 4 out of 5


    Yeah. It was good. Been on submarine for the first time and as much as I would recommend it to anybody I prefer to be above the water level lol.

  31. 4 out of 5


    This was a good afternoon. The submarine was comfortable inside and the ruins and shipwrecks it takes you to are great to look at. I couldn’t really fault the service tbh. The photo they try to sell you at the end is only €5. Defiantly worth the visit.

  32. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely worthwhile, the underwater world is very beautiful on Gran Canaria. The submarine is quite spacious inside; it has large windows to make pictures. Seen many different species of fish, various ship wrecks and also divers passed by. A beautiful experience.

  33. 4 out of 5


    Started our holiday with a trip under water, my wife is nervous but once she was away she loved it too.

  34. 4 out of 5


    Nice trip underwater. Lot of fish i like what they did for create a new habitat for the fishes and other fish creature with sinked boat. My 9 years old was happy at the end of the visit

  35. 4 out of 5


    Great experience and very well organised. I thought it was a little bit pricey…

  36. 5 out of 5


    Like Jules Verne! Wonderful, relaxing, crystal clear water, many and nice fish! Great service!

  37. 5 out of 5


    It is simply a must when you are in Gran Canaria. You dive with a real submarine and can watch fish and look at a sunken ship. A great experience.

  38. 5 out of 5


    We loved the experience; it is enjoyable, watching the seabed and the diversity of fish.

  39. 4 out of 5


    This was a pleasant experience some interesting sites but the commentty was not up to much. They had plug in audio stations at each port hole but they were not mentioned at anytime during booking or the actual trip. Overall a good trip and reasonably priced.

  40. 5 out of 5


    Very nice experience. Many fish swam around us and we could see well up close. The sunken ships were also very beautiful; there we encountered other species of fish. It is realy worthwile. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

  41. 4 out of 5


    A different kind of experience, the price is great for the duration and the service they offer of pick up and drop off from the hotel.

  42. 5 out of 5


    First class experience from start to finish. Sub was spacious. With a window TV screen and gauges for everyone, saw many different types of fish in clear waters. Went to two different wrecks and lasted a reasonable time with spooky music added for effect would highly recommend it especially for young kids.

  43. 4 out of 5


    Nice little trip under the sea, the placed ‘ruins’ are great and my kids got a huge kick out of seeing the dinosaur bones.

  44. 3 out of 5


    We made the trip with our two young children, and the truth is that it is a curious and different experience. However, it is somewhat expensive for the duration time and the bad visibility, still recommendable.

  45. 4 out of 5


    A positive and rewarding experience especially for kids, many fish, sunken ship, it is worthwile.

  46. 5 out of 5


    The kids absolutely loved the whole experience. They are still talking about it weeks later. We saw plenty of different species of fish and the wrecks placed on the ocean floor fascinated the kids.

  47. 4 out of 5


    Sonething extraordinary.

  48. 5 out of 5


    It is absolutely worth it, to immerse in a submarine is already an experience but also what you see on the seabed is quite impressive. The crew and especially the captain are very friendly. The kids had a great time and they loved the experience.

  49. 5 out of 5


    Yes it is expensive but when do you ever get to go on a real life submarine. My son loved it! A great experience.

  50. 5 out of 5


    We did this trip with 2 young children (5&2) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend excellent experience

  51. 5 out of 5


    Excellent experience, really clear views of the under water life. Definitely recommend. Quite pricy but we only did a few trips as there is plenty to keep little ones entertained anyway.

  52. 4 out of 5


    We really enjoyed our adventure on the Submarine. Saw some beautiful fish at depths of 20 metres. Plenty of room so everyone has good viewing from the port holes.

  53. 5 out of 5


    A worthwhile experience – the first trip in a submarine. A good half hour 20 meters below sea level, interesting and a “must-do” especially when traveling with children. Good visibility is guaranteed by guaranteed window seats and clear water!

  54. 5 out of 5


    Your are in a real submarine that goes down 17m, which in my book is something else to tick off the bucket list, some people say it’s for kids, well i’m 56 and love being a big kid (my wife went shopping and I went diving). It’s really cool, you have a porthole and a small tv screen that shows a live feed from the top of the conning tower, yes you do go past obviously sunken items but really who cares, your under water in a sub. I loved it.

  55. 5 out of 5


    The trip is about 40 minutes long, you see thousands of fish, ship wrecks etc. We went with 2 children who really enjoyed the adventure. Would highly recommend.

  56. 5 out of 5


    A lovely little excursion. Good fun to see the fish and go on the submarine. Whole family enjoyed. Staff very helpful as we did the trip with a 9 month old helping us get down into submarine with him as that was a little tricky.

  57. 5 out of 5


    All extremely punctual. This is real submarine which really submerges :-). It goes 20+ meters below seal level. We saw local fish and the wreck. It is a great experience both for children and adults :-).

  58. 4 out of 5


    From all the sunny excursions this is something completely different. It is well organized. The stairs are very steep. There is not much to see, but it is an experience.

  59. 4 out of 5


    An interesting experience to dive with a real submarine. Over the entrance on the roof of the submarine you reach the lower area. There you look for a free seat, it does not matter on which side you sit. The underwater landscape is not great, because there are a lot of stones. Very nice was the shipwreck, as there were many fish and the wreck is very worth seeing.

  60. 5 out of 5


    From the minute we entered the submarine there were fish to see and during our journey we saw what I can only describe as underwater Roman ruins and a ship wreck, as well as more fish of various species, all at a depth of 28 meters. The trip was over all too quickly.

  61. 5 out of 5


    A must do when visiting Gran Canaria, this rare opportunity to go out in a submarine for around 40 minutes is a great experience for young kids and adults alike.

  62. 4 out of 5


    It is a nice experience to see the underwater life in clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The whole trip takes around 40 minutes, and submarine takes you down up to 25 meters. Great fun.

  63. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic thing to do, great service people friendly, very cheap saw a ship wreck and loads of other stuff you must try it!

  64. 5 out of 5


    I was doubtful, fearing this would be some sort of glass bottom boat contraption that wouldn’t fully submerge but it is an honest to god sub, made by Wärtsilä in Finland. We were a bit lucky with good visibility so we saw lots of different fish, some shipwrecks and even a stingray. The kids (4 and 2,5) enjoyed the experience but the younger one got a bit bored after 20 minutes. I would say 3 is a good “minimum” age.

  65. 5 out of 5


    My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed the experience; we were collected from our hotel and taken back afterwards. The submarine was clean and tidy, and the staff was helpful and friendly, while we were there we saw young children captivated by what they saw. The submarine trip was about 45 minutes long and we went to the bottom of the sea, and saw loads of different fish.

  66. 4 out of 5


    Did the submarine trip together with my 11 year old daughter. Both of us liked it… many fish … past a few wrecks…. Remains of Atlantis. All in all a nice diversion.

  67. 5 out of 5


    A trip that really pays off! 40 minutes drive in about 20 m water depth. Very modern equipment (display at each place with information about duration, temperature and depth) good visibility, sonar noises, friendly staff. A real highlight for both children and adults.ç

  68. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely loved this trip on the yellow submarine to see marine life at the bottom of the (not too deep!) ocean. Check in was quick and on time and we made our way down the ladder type steps into the submarine. It holds 44 passengers and the trip lasts about an hour in total. You will see fish, very clearly, and may see shipwrecks, divers, and anything else that lurks beneath the ocean waters 🙂
    Highly recommend this trip to anyone.

  69. 4 out of 5


    Since I had already expected a tourist trap I was positively surprised that we actually dived about 20m deep. For 30 € not cheap, but it’s worth it. Seen Lots of fish and two wrecks. Noises from the speakers (like from a movie 😉 ease it up a bit.

  70. 5 out of 5


    Really great. Would do it again any time. It was great, from beginning to end. The bus / transport and the submarine.

  71. 5 out of 5


    Unique experience. Very interesting trip under water. We have seen many different fish.

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