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Holidays in Gran Canaria: How to Make Your Luggage Arrive Safely at the Resort

Palm trees that sway in the wind, deep blue sea and snow-white sandy beaches, the Spanish island “Gran Canaria” is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The journey to the island usually takes place by plane. Since every minute counts when loading the aircraft, the luggage is often mistreated. Below we show you what you have to take care of, to ensure your luggage and its contents arrive safely.

With the Right Luggage to Gran Canaria
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How do I Find the Right Suitcase for my Holidays in Gran Canaria?

The Correct Suitcase Size

When planning a long trip, you should opt for a large suitcase, with a minimum size of 70 cm. A short business trip or a weekend getaway requires a medium sized suitcase (60 cm). Small suitcases from fifty centimeters are suitable as hand luggage. The volume offers sufficient space for carrying enough clothes for a short trip. To find perfect backpack and accessories for travelers, check out Instash.

The Weight

With the Right Luggage to Gran Canaria
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Especially when buying a new case you should make sure that its own weight is very little. Depending on the airline and flight class, there are the certain weight limits.
The baggage allowance per person depending on flight class and airline ranges between 23-32 kg. The weight of the hand luggage may not exceed 8 to 10 kilograms.

The Volume

Based on the volume, you can determine if the suitcase offers enough space to carry all your clothes, grooming accessories and toiletries.

Hard or Soft Luggage – The Pros and Cons of Both Types of Cases

Both the hard case and the soft luggage have certain advantages and disadvantages due to their special characteristics.
Hard case: The hard case is much more robust than the soft baggage and significantly heavier. In addition, the hard case is much easier to clean. However, the suitcase is much more susceptible to scratches.
Soft baggage: The outer skin of the soft luggage is softer and more flexible and, compared to the hard-shell case, much more difficult to clean. However, the soft baggage much lighter than the hard shell case.

Luggage Rolls 2, 4 or None at All?

If the suitcase has 2 wheels, it is easier to transport because you can drag it comfortably behind you. When you put it down, it does not roll away as easily as a suitcase with four wheels. Although suitcases with 4 wheels are easier to transport and perfect for narrow passages, but they have no stability. With regard to the luggage rolls, there is also the question of whether the case should be equipped with a single or double column for transport.

Double or Single Column?

A single column consists of only one rod with a simple handle. The double columns are much more stable and can withstand certain physical influences without bending or breaking off. Some telescopic columns are designed especially to attach additional bags or similar to it.

With the Right Luggage to Gran Canaria
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It’s not a Simple Decision…

It turns out that choosing the right baggage is not easy. Pay close attention to your needs and ultimately to your experiences. As with all products, there is also vide range of price and quality for luggage. Our experience is that you do not have to buy the most expensive product from the most prestigious brand. But it should not be out of a 99 cent store either. We prefer hard-shell cases because they are the safest in our opinion. The only downside is its heavy weight. Therefore inquire or if necessary take advice of specialized business. This way you will surely find the perfect luggage for your needs. We wish you a safe journey to Gran Canaria.

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