Mes: julio 2018

5 Tipps, die das Kofferpacken leichter machen

5 Tips to Make Packing Suitcases Easier!

.description {position:relative;} .kohead {font-size:1.1em; font-weight:bolder !important;} .kotable {border-bottom:1px !important; border-left:1px !important; border-top:0 !important; border-right:0 !important; border-style:solid !important; border-color:black !important;} .kotab tr, .kotab td {border:1px solid black; vertical-align:middle;} Your Gran Canaria Holiday is Just Around the Corner ...but you cannot really get too excited about it; at the moment you are actually more worried, as you know you will have to pack your suitcases soon? Then you should definitely read this…