Tips For Backpacking in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has got much more to offer than sun, beach and the sea. In contrary to the common opinion, the Spanish island is also suitable for backpacking. The island has a very mountainous inland and can be explored best in the context of a backpacking trip with a suitable backpack. However, the island still offers the possibility to refresh oneself year-round in the, pleasantly temperate Atlantic Ocean. Whether it is in the winter or the summer, backpacking season on Gran Canaria is all year. By the way, there are more destinations for your backpacking trip than you can possibly think of.

A Good Backpack is the Most Important Tip

For an interesting article about backpacking it is certainly important to give tips for buying the right backpack. You will find a comprehensive online magazine clicking on There you will get a great overview of all types of backpacks. The backpack guide will help you to choose the correct backpack for the planned trip. Furthermore, you will find many useful tips and tricks for rucksacks and backpacking trips in this online magazine. Gran Canaria offers a great variety of possibilities and you can walk for several weeks. What you definitely need is a good quality and suitable backpack.

Backpacking in Gran Canaria - Infos and Tips
Barranco de Tirajana

The Correct Capacity of a Backpack

The articles about backpacking rightly point out the right capacity. If you are traveling and planning a mountain tour, you should think about the capacity of your backpack. It does not matter if you are planning a trip to Gran Canaria or to another hiking paradise. The most important criteria for determining the necessary capacity is the duration of the tour. Obviously, the more equipment you have to take with you on tour, the bigger should be the capacity of your backpack. But bear in mind, however, that the excessive weight that you need to carry on your back can affect your hiking experience. Therefore, consider what is really essential for your backpacking trip, which is secondary and what you can leave at home. In dependently where you’re going to travel, unless it’s an area with extreme climatic conditions, such as the Himalayas.

Backpacking in Gran Canaria - Infos and Tips
Close to the Roque Nublo

Is a Hiking Backpack Suitable for Backpacking?

The answer to the question, which backpack should be purchased for a longer tour is important. This certainly depends primarily on the type and extent of the backpacking trip. If you come to Gran Canaria as a tourist, in order to explore selected destinations on longer trips, then you definitely need a suitable backpack. So it should not be the one you use at home in your spare time or for your sport. On Gran Canaria you will find a lot of well-designed and signposted hiking trails, which are also suitable for longer tour. A simple hiking backpack backpack is a good choice if the tour is not planned to be too extensive. However, for longer trips lasting several days, it is recommendable to buy a proper touring backpack.

Backpacking in Gran Canaria - Infos and Tips
Presa de Soria

Beautiful Hiking Tours in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a very popular tourist destination, especially for tourists who want to relax by the sea. However, backpackers are also increasingly attracted by Gran Canaria. Therefore there are more and more backpacking tips, for enthusiastic hiker or climber, in the local travel guides of the holiday island. Many visitors to Gran Canaria do not even know that the island has a beautiful mountainous interior. The landscapes are perfect for longer tours, provided you have the right backpack. The longer the excursion tour should be, the more important is a good and professional backpack. It should pack all the important things you need on such a tour.

Backpacking in Gran Canaria - Infos and Tips
At the Roque Nublo

Destinations for Your Backpacking Trip in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a paradise with beautiful destinations especially for backpackers. A possible backpacking destination is for example, the Tamadaba Mountains. This landscape is especially beautiful, although some cliffs may seem a bit bare at first sight. There are extensive pine forests, which you walk through on the shady trails along scary deep gorges. Other destinations on Gran Canaria are in Tejeda and the surrounding area. The area will captivate you with its wonderful fauna and it offers its visitors a beautiful view over the entire island in higher locations.

Backpacking in Gran Canaria - Infos and Tips
At the Roque Nublo

The Roque Nublo, Landmark of Gran Canaria

In addition to the many chosen destinations that you should visit during your backpacking trip, the Roque Nublo is an especially popular hiking destination for all visitors of the island. The landmark of Gran Canaria is located almost in the center of the island. At the bottom of the nearly 70-meter-tall monolith, that thrones majestically right at the edge of a former huge volcano and casts its shadow far into the valley of Tejeda, you will find a perfect place to rest and linger a little. You will be reward for your efforts with breathtaking views, up to the neighboring island of Tenerife. The Pico de las Nieves is also nearby, with 1,954 meters it is the highest mountain on the island. It should definitely be the destination of your backpacking trip following Roque Nublo.

Backpacking in Gran Canaria - Infos and Tips
View to the Roque Nublo

The Dunes of Maspalomas

In Maspalomas you will find the famous moving sand dunes. In contrary to the widespread opinion, these are not caused by Saharan desert sand, which the wind supposedly carried to Gran Canaria from Africa. The Atlantic has heaped it up with waves and tides in the south of the island. The dunes of Maspalomas today are a natural reserve and may only be crossed on specially designated routes. Nevertheless, the dunes should be one of the destinations of your backpacking trip. Walking through them feels like being in the middle of a desert. Especially when the up to 10 meters high dunes obstruct the view to the sea and the hotel buildings. Do not forget to pack enough water in your backpack.

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