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Tips For Backpacking in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has got much more to offer than sun, beach and the sea. In contrary to the common opinion, the Spanish island is also suitable for backpacking. The island has a very mountainous inland and can be explored best in the context of a backpacking trip with a suitable backpack. However, the island still … Lees meer

Tips and Tricks for Your Luggage

Holidays in Gran Canaria: How to Make Your Luggage Arrive Safely at the Resort Palm trees that sway in the wind, deep blue sea and snow-white sandy beaches, the Spanish island “Gran Canaria” is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The journey to the island usually takes place by plane. Since every minute counts … Lees meer

Crete and Gran Canaria, Two Dream Islands

Crete The Canary, the Greek and Balearic Islands are among the most popular holiday destinations for central European tourists. The three island groups are located at different destinations and each island has its own flair and character. But which destination suites whom: A comparison of the Greek island Crete and the Canary island Gran Canaria … Lees meer

Language Holiday in Spain

Spain and its islands, like Gran Canaria, are not only a popular holiday destination for many British people and other European tourists, the country is also the perfect place to refresh or enhance your language skills during a language holiday. There are numerous British tour operators who offer language holidays to Spain for this purpose. … Lees meer

Booking Excursions is a Matter of Trust!

CANCO Gran Canaria Blog - CANCO Blog: Booking Excursions is a Matter of Trust!

Why Booking Excursions in Advance? Not seldom, we experience that customers request information about excursions, but ultimately do not book. The reasons given are usually based on a lack of trust in an unknown company based abroad or due to the deceptive assumption that the excursions can be obtained cheaper through a direct booking on … Lees meer

The risk of bad holiday planning

No Russian Roulette Organizing excursions for a holiday in a new country is a bit like a “Russian Roulette” you must be really lucky to find really great activities and at the same time having chosen a professional and reliable operator. We have been in your shoes and know the problematic very well. If you … Lees meer

CANCO is online

More than just a simple online excursion sales site! More than 20 Years of Experience We have been living on the island for almost 20 years now, working in the travel and excursion industry. We decided to share our onsite knowledge with the aim to contribute to the success of your holiday on Gran Canaria. … Lees meer

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